Are There Too Many SF Food Blogs?

7x7 actually published a piece I liked last week talking about the absurd amount of foodie coverage in the SF bloggernets.  I couldn't agree more.  Take today's BREAKING NEWS:

  1. Sunday at 3:54pm, Mission Mission mentions that Arinell pizza is now open until 3am on weekends.  Recognizing the relative unimportance of this news, Andrew labels it “breaking news.”
  2. 5:14pm - Mission Loc@l covers the story in “Today's Mission.”
  3. Monday 9:30 AM - Eater SF runs the story as a headline.
  4. 2:45pm - SFist runs the story as a headline.

This isn't even counting sites like 7x7, SFoodie, Urban Daddy, Inside Scoop or any of the other countless sites in the SF blogging echo chamber that I don't read anymore due to redundancy.  And, of course, this was really the most trivial of all SF dining news (if you really want to look at the absurd, look at the blogger circle jerk regarding Mission Chinese Food).

So, dearest Uptown Almanac readers, please ignore the irony of reblogging 7x7 and tell me:

  1. Are there too many SF blogs? Alright, we already know the answer to this one.
  2. Is #Team_UppyAlmy doing a good job of avoiding the blogger circle jerk?
  3. Do we post  too much street art?
  4. Do you want to see more news/BREAKING FOOD coverage?
  5. Should we just abandon the SF blogging ship and let people who live in Ann Arbor blog about the Mission?
  6. Should we start writing about cool kid culture/technology/the flickrnets in general and abandon our regional focus?
  7. Are hyperlocal blogs dead?

Comments (7)

SF isn’t that big a city, and if you have a lot of people interested in something like food or drinks or whatever, you’re going to have this kind of online “circle jerk” despite everyone’s attempts otherwise.

whatever you guys and gals do , I’ll read it because you’re way more funny than a lot of the other blogs.

What N Judah crashed into. I mean said.

I think you have this all wrong; Arinell Pizza being open until 3am isn’t news for foodies, it’s news for alcoholics.

hi, yes, street art is dead. please lessen the coverage…

taking pictures of street art is the new taking pictures of your restaurant meal…


Keep it up the way it is. Bring us the stories that aren’t all over the other blogrolls.

Kev-Mo, you also seem to be “fortunate” enough to be at some of the most recently breaking news in the Mission, which is much appreciated. Capp is a hell of a street.

I think about this a lot too. Most people don’t subscribe to a million rss feeds and are privy to the circular jerking that happens. So no, I don’t think you need to change a thing.

More importantly, where can I get a big ass burger like that? I only have a ceramic one like that….