EAT SHIT WEIRD FISH: Bender's Bringing Back the Seitan Menu

OH SNAP.  Currently they only have the tacos but a source inside Bender’s culinary labs tells me they are devising a way to have variation of the deep friend hell fish and buffalo girls that we all hold close to our hearts again.  Possibly as soon as next week!  All we need now is fried pickles.  Anyways, the expert panel of Uptown reviewers agree: the tacos are tops.  Even better than before.

Go get ‘em now: seitan is ots everyday (except Sunday and Monday because they cook other shit like veggie burgers and sushi).

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Also. Begrudgingly went to W.F. last week b/c eating with non-veggie folks. You can now request vegan hellfish & chips, it even says so on the menu (in a note under the regular fish&chips menu item). I appreciate peace offerings. Plus, they always have vegan dessert… fake cheesecake? yes plz. I am full of forgiveness.