Bender's Reborn, Weird Fish Implodes

Mac n cheese, prior to being baked

Went to Bender’s Grill last night to try their new menu.  PRETTY SOLID.  They have a house made black bean vegan burger that is quite good (also tasty with cheddar cheese on top) and waffle fries.  Truthfully, this was the first time I had waffle fries since high school, which sort of brought me back a little bit.  For some reason those fries made me find an empty table so I could sit by myself.  Anyways, Justin also whipped up some awe-inspiring mac n cheese.  Additionally, a meat eater reports that the chicken parm was “only ok.”

The final verdict is that the new menu at Bender’s is good, but it isn’t nearly as memorable, or addictive, as the old Weird Fish menu.  Bender’s, you need to get serious.  This is bar food.  You need to get a deep fryer.

In other news, Weird Fish, the formerly awesome restaurant that made the Bender’s grill the best goddamn place in the city, has completely lost their shit and ruined their own business.  Closed for lunch everyday and closed ALL DAY on Sunday.  Plus all the good stuff on their menu is gone.  NIXED.  No more.  Larbage, a generally non-newsy blog, has the scoop on this.