New Tag Going Up at 24th and Capp

Not sure I can bother calling this a mural.  But it’s commissioned, so is it a tag?  I’m at a loss here.

Anyways, seeing this piece go up reminded me of discussion that went down last week about the new Reyes mural on the 23rd St. Walgreens:

#1: “Another Publica Art which intends to show no representation of humans, their condition, their spirit, intends to show no specific content outside of formalism, and intends to speak to nothing relative to the time, place, or circumstance in which it was created. gr8.”

#2: “Obviously posted by someone from Precita Eyes. What the fuck do those lame ass Precita Eyes murals “speak to”? They look like they were painted by kindergardeners and deny the proud Irish history of the Mission.”

What do we think?  Is it time for a little more diversity in our Mission murals?  They are sort of getting redundant.

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Gabachos don’t know about murals.

I saw Reyes doing a new piece this evening. Didn’t want to bother him by taking a pic though.

Wow, a lot of hating going on here. Diversity is abundant; you just gotta look. I think this piece-in-progress is dope.

On a side note, I finally got a copy of Street Art San Francisco. Nice, nice, nice. A great outline (ahem) of the evolution of it all… AND got to see older pics of the House of Brakes mural, which has been faded ever since I remember. Plus good writing.



bummer they buffed it.