Beautiful New Mission Mural Debuts on 23rd, Documented With Crappy Old Camera Phone

Be sure to check out the ‘hella tite’ new mural on the side of Walgreens while waiting in line to get plastered at Velvet Cantina.

(Mission Loc@l reported on it while it was in the works, but I choose to wait for the full monty.)

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hell ya that’s my kind of true art…keep em cominJ

err that would be 23rd

Whoops! Thanks.

Another Publica Art which intends to show no representation of humans, their condition, their spirit, intends to show no specific content outside of formalism, and intends to speak to nothing relative to the time, place, or circumstance in which it was created. gr8.

exactly! thank god we finally get something abstract.

I like it. just wonder how long before it’s tagged.

Obviously posted by someone from Precita Eyes. What the fuck to those lame ass Precita Eyes murals “speak to”? They look like they were painted by kindergardeners and deny the proud Irish history of the Mission.

It speaks to me, bitch! And it’s awesome.