7x7: "Achieving street cred is not the goal of a date" and "We're racists!"

This post about good and bad dates in 7x7's Bits + Bites slipped by me a few weeks ago but definitely deserves a look.

Bad First Dates:

El Farolito + Carlos’ Bar (Mission)

Achieving street cred is not the goal of a date. Burritos and a dive bar? Even a hipster should be ashamed.

I'm not sure a hipster should be ashamed, but the klanswoman that wrote this should be. First off, Farolito is a gift from the Gods themselves but obviously isn't a 7x7 reader's date spot (unless of course your date started at Mission Bar, you got faced and needed something to soak up all the liquor before you 'bump uglies' on your roommate's bed). It's fucking fast food. This choice took just about as much effort as saying “McDonald's and getting stabbed in Garfield Park” would be a bad first date. Even if you don't bleed out, you're probably going to have the shits for a month so, yeah, it's probably a crappy date. But what really gets me is pairing Carlos' to Farolito. To me, this whole choice is just shitting on Latinos. “Burritos and Tecates ewwwww lolroflmadingdongs who would do that?” A brown person you dumb bitch.

(link | photo by Troy Holden)

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this is the best post youve ever written, im sorry were cirlejerkin, deal with it