Weird Fish Caves to "Uppity Vegans," Brings Back the Seitan

Paul was just outside of Weird Fish and spotted their new old menu.  See the result-generating outrage at Vegansaurus!

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Ugh. I want to be happy. I am happy. I’m vegan and love those things. But I do feel a little weird about the vegan mob’s angry wrath. Where will it strike next?

Why do you feel weird about it? I don’t understand…please help me. Vegans are WAAAAAY in the minority, it make sense to use our voices and buying power to ask for things we want. There were a lot of people upset about the changes to the Weird Fish menu, not just vegans (ask the dude who made this post!) and who knows if that’s even why they added some old favorites back in.

You being vegan and feeling weird about it (actually anyone at all feeling weird about it) is about the stupidest thing I’ve heard all day. And I just watched some footage of Evan Bayh.


I guess it would have been “nicer” if Timothy, the WF owner, had reached out to the vegan community when developing the new menu (instead of figuring that he and his non-vegan chef who apparently don’t know balls about vegan food), but the way this played out had the added bonus and excitement of internet drama AND a happy vegan ending.

I do not like fish and am offended that the owner of Weird Fish did not reach out to me to develop an exclusively non-fish menu.

Oh, wait, that would be stupid of them since I am a small minority and I can choose to eat other things.

I love the fact that they have vegan buffalo wings on their menu, but I thought they were kinda gross when I had them.

ok, this is fantastic, but no seitan fish & chips? :( I used to always order that.

The new menu, minus all of the vegan shit, doesn’t start until tomorrow.

“Let’s not start sucking each others dicks just yet”

Mr. Wolf(e), Pulp Fiction