Ocean Beach Neighbors Look to Legalize Graffiti

Ocean Beach's sea wall has been long host to criminal artwork, from the beautifully whimsical to the titillatingly juvenile (above).  But under a proposal by a neighborhood marketing company looks to make it all legitimate—a Clarion Alley by the sea, of sorts.  SF Weekly reports:

Their project proposes to turn the graffiti-covered walls on Ocean Beach into a public art space where residents and visitors alike can legally leave their mark on the city…

The agency hopes to turn Ocean Beach into a worldwide and family-friendly graffiti hotspot à la Venice Beach in Southern California.

Their associated petition campaign is crawling along, with only 136 people thus far endorsing the project.  But perhaps it should project should move forward anyway, given the wall's current hot spot status.

Lo-Fi Super PAC "Coalition of Native San Franciscans" Wants Cyclists to Self-Deport

Following last week's Kinko's-based attack on locally bloggers, the “Coalition of Native San Franciscans Against the Influx of Transplant Douchers” has began fliering some neighborhood called the Inner Richmond, urging its invasive population of stem-pushers to relocate to Oakland.  And maybe they're on to something?  Cheaper rents, superior warehouse culture, flatter roads, and almost non-lethal air quality—a cyclist's paradise.

[Photo by PD Bird]

Stodgy Stanley Roberts Not Stoked with Separated Bike Lanes

We gotta admit: we're not particularly stoked on the new separated bike lanes along JFK in Golden Gate Park either.  We love the fact the city is trying new things, and separated lanes have typically worked well in other cities, but they aren't really panning out in Golden Gate Park.  People park their cars in the lanes, use the lanes as sidewalks, have made the approach to stop signs difficult, and people clearly have no idea how to park in the new spots.  That's not to say the idea should be dismissed entirely—not at all.  The city could put up new signage explaining the situation, install a curb between the bike lanes and the parking spaces, or actually stripe out specific spaces for people to park.  You know, address the problems.

But KRON's Stanley Roberts!  Fuck!  People are Behaving Badly, you see, and those people are the government experimenting with improving our transportation.  Grrrrrrrrr, Stanley mad!

Naturally, Stanley took his amazing voice and the camcorder he bought off eBay with all the milk money he's been saving up and interviewed a couple of angry (grrrrrrrr) dumb-dumbs in minivans about the problem.  And guess what?  They hate bicyclists!  “Where should bikers be a bikin'?”  In the middle of traffic, where they've always been biking.  Obviously!

I don't know what my favorite part of the video is: when some green thing claims her door will now get sideswiped when she opens it (because, that's not already a problem on roads without bike lanes.  Plus, she wants the American Privilege of opening her door into cyclists, not traffic) or when Stanley doesn't interview a single cyclist, urban planner, or someone who might actually be in favor of the lanes.

Watch below:

[Thanks for the tip, Tuffy! | Photo by SF Bike Coalition]

Meanwhile, in the Richmond ...

While everyone in the Mission is chowing down on delicious, authentic Mexican food on a regular basis, Richmond District residents are falling through a downward spiral of infinite culinary sadness! I was out there yesterday and it looks like that that fancy Korean place on 6th & Balboa closed recently, and someone hung up this plaintive sign in the window begging for some “really yummy” Mexican food.

As much as I love the Richmond (which I do, a lot) I have to admit that the taco offerings out there are pretty dismal. One of the only taquerias in the Richmond that I can think of is Gordos. How their flavorless, sloppily constructed burritos have achieved bi-coastal success is beyond me. But anyway, this sign is hilarious. Not only is the community just begging for a good taqueria, they’re doing it in English, Spanish AND Chinese! Purveyors of ordinary tacos need not apply! Only really yummy ones will do!

Added point of irony: Namu, which formerly occupied this space, was best known for their Korean tacos.

Meanwhile... At Ocean Beach...

Pic via Ocean Beach Bulletin's Facebook Page

According to the folks over at Ocean Beach Bulletin; “A woman drove a Lexus sedan down Stairwell 25, across the beach and into the sea at Ocean Beach this morning.” If she really did intend to drive it into the ocean, then that's some serious 'Free Willy meets PCP' shit right there. 

UPDATE: SF Gate reports that first responders found her just chilling in the front seat of the car, which was already partially submerged.