Where is Clement & 10th?

We haven't checked in with our pals in the Inner Richmond in a while.  Let's see what they're up to:

(Thanks Daniel!)

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that looks like spruce one block north of geary for those looking for the hot meth action

I just saw her on 18th and Val on Sunday- she was signing a made up song very loudly. She’s nuts for sure, but “I hope God comes and fucking cuts you.” is my new steez.

Ditto to the 18th and Val sighting, except i could plainly make out the lyrics to “getting jiggy with it” ala will smith.

^ New epic beard man on our hands perchance?

Holy shit, I’ve seen this lady riding the 22!
She was chanting “Rabby, Rabby, Rabby. I can call my Rabby whenever I want.” and then threatened a couple of girls calling them Nazis and told them she would beat them into a pulp and call the police to tell them “It smelled like a dead body… of a young Nazi girl.”

Saw this lovely specimen last Thursday on Mission and 19th. She was arguing with a resident above some bar. After a good 5 minutes of cussing them out, she strolled down Mission with her usual sing song incoherant banter.

I’ve seen her before in the Inner Sunset area. I’m a big fan of her work. How she’s able to harness all that anger and put it into a cute musical number is sheer genius!