Lo-Fi Super PAC "Coalition of Native San Franciscans" Wants Cyclists to Self-Deport

Following last week's Kinko's-based attack on locally bloggers, the “Coalition of Native San Franciscans Against the Influx of Transplant Douchers” has began fliering some neighborhood called the Inner Richmond, urging its invasive population of stem-pushers to relocate to Oakland.  And maybe they're on to something?  Cheaper rents, superior warehouse culture, flatter roads, and almost non-lethal air quality—a cyclist's paradise.

[Photo by PD Bird]

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“Douche” is an east coast word. I bet all these guys have Joe Montana jerseys but couldn’t tell you who Fee Waybill is.

Self-loathing hipsters are responsible for this. Nobody else cares.

I fully support this. GTFO

Glad to see my neighborhood repping

Stupid. I’m a native San Franciscan, and I love biking. In fact, almost all of my high school friends who live in SF bike too. I’ll take a “transplant” that bikes any day over another one that transplants their freaking car. Ugh. What a disgrace to those of us from here whose families and parents fought for years to tear down the central freeway and the embarcadero freeway.

… “but couldn’t tell you who Fee Waybill is.”


Rorer 714

I’ll talk to you later…