Typography Expert Lashes Out at Local Blogs

Our blog buddies on Bernal Heights recently discovered this fancy demanding note tacked up on one of their many community bulletin boards:

We here at UA aren't quite sure what their objection is, but now we gotta ask:

Is neighborhood blogging totally RUINING San Francisco? Are blogs contributing to gentrification?

How can I find an “authentic” neighborhood to call my own, and still satiate my need for pithy, insightful commentary about local street art?

Do neighborhood Tumblrs contribute to the discussion or are they just “white noise?”

Did blogging ruin Dear Mom's cred?

Is “Classy” the official font of the Mission?

Whats the deal with street pizza? Edible or no?

[via Bernalwood]

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And get off my lawn!

Blogging reveals how little is going on. We need an infusion of some sort.

We going to bernal today to blog the fuck out of whatever there is to blog about….runaway parrots,the weather on Bernal, Chewbacca, or just a picture from the top of a CITY landmark….on a side note,there have been these handwritten flyers in the Lone mountian/inner richmond area with a drawing of a “Biker” with a cup of coffee and it says” Calling all bikers—to oakland and elsewhere” then it says in really small print”sponsered by coalition of native San franciscians against influx of transplant douchers” hmmmm,maybe the same crew.

Do things that aren’t blogged about even really occur?

Wait… when you say “street pizza” do you mean pizza sold from a food truck and/or cart or actual pizza you find on the sidewalk or on the street?