Ocean Beach Neighbors Look to Legalize Graffiti

Ocean Beach's sea wall has been long host to criminal artwork, from the beautifully whimsical to the titillatingly juvenile (above).  But under a proposal by a neighborhood marketing company looks to make it all legitimate—a Clarion Alley by the sea, of sorts.  SF Weekly reports:

Their project proposes to turn the graffiti-covered walls on Ocean Beach into a public art space where residents and visitors alike can legally leave their mark on the city…

The agency hopes to turn Ocean Beach into a worldwide and family-friendly graffiti hotspot à la Venice Beach in Southern California.

Their associated petition campaign is crawling along, with only 136 people thus far endorsing the project.  But perhaps it should project should move forward anyway, given the wall's current hot spot status.

Comments (4)

Can we say yes do the artwork, and no we don’t want to see tags screwing up the artworks?

Hey, that’s actually a great idea! I endorse this plan.

This is a perfect solution to a monumental manufactured problem.
Let the kids paint some unicorns and giant words or whatever without an army of cops and whitewashers wasting time chasing after them.
Then enjoy the constantly changing art show and the extra tourist money that will roll in, and use the hundreds of thousands of dollars per year currently wasted on enforcement to address real problems in the city, like neglected public parks and trash pickup.

Hear, fucking hear.