More Music For Your Saturday Night: Battlehooch's LP Release Party

Between the Bicycle Music Festival and Date Night, we're sure you already have enough music on your plate for one Saturday night.  But we'd be remiss to not mention Battlehooch's LP release party tonight at Slim's.  Their latest album, Hot Lungs, has been described by the Bay Guardian as “a chaotic masterpiece jumble of guitars and synths, percussion, hints of horns layered over cello and searing robotic bleeps or vintage printer-reminiscent dot matrix screeches.” (Or, as we more succinct prefer to put it, “sick”).  And their live show has always been one not to miss.

So, if you can work this into your assuredly busy schedule and are above the age of 6, pony up $14 and make it to Slim's around 9pm tonight.

(And here's their latest video, shot in 48 hours during this month's Music Video Race:)

Date Nite Doesn't Wanna Hear It

Thought I'd share with you guys the newest video from Date Nite, the ladies who brought you the ever divisive “Shit San Franciscans Say” video. They're back and they want to remind all you dummies to plant your feet, shake your ass, and stop trying to make small talk on the dance floor, dammit.

If you need some more Date Nite in your life, check out their free show this Saturday night at Monarch in Soma.

Brick & Mortar to Thank Complaining Neighbors By Filling the Air With Bacon Scent

Just four days after Bacon Bacon was forced to close their Haight cafe for making an entire city block reek like a pan-fried slaughterhouse (allegedly), Brick & Mortar Music Hall was effectively shut down by an incredibly shady Entertainment Commission ruling that found the club to be too loud for neighbors.  But with new soundproofing installed and an appeal of the Entertainment Commission's ruling on file, Brick & Mortar must be feeling pretty confident about their future, as they recently invited the smelly lepers from Bacon Bacon to open up in the club:

In the coming weeks, Bacon Bacon is going to return to a brick-and-mortar setting — appropriately, within the friendly confines of the Mission’s Brick and Mortar Music Hall.

On June 12, Bacon Bacon will be offering lunch on weekdays from 11am – 2pm. Beginning July 1, Bacon Bacon will be doing all the bar food for all Brick and Mortar events; the menus will be very similar to the Bacon Bacon truck menu. Perhaps just as importantly, Angelus will be able to use the kitchen at Brick and Mortar to do prep work for the truck.

I'm sure this outcome is exactly what the neighbors had in mind when complaining.  Nice.

(But, really, how many people are going to want to see a show in a sweaty club that stinks like a pork pit?)


Clintongore's "I Need A Star" Is The Best Bad Trip You've Ever Had, In Space

SPACE PYRAMIDS! CELESTIAL ANDROGYNY! FOAMING AT THE MOUTH! CAMEL-TOE PRAYERS! Clintongore’s video for “I Need A Star” has all that, on top of insanely square synth tones, a face-melting guitar solo and one of Uptown's own (Sierra Frost) lip-synching awkwardly into the camera. Also, boobs. There are some boobs in there, so yeah…NSFW. 

Shameless plug for one of our friend’s projects? Yeah, but I’d still really like this song, and this video, even if I didn’t like Sierra.

Clintongore are performing at Bottom of the Hill on Sunday, a rare performance as the two-piece (w/ Chris Crawford formerly of French Miami) is usually based in Brooklyn. <— tickets

Download their record for free on Bandcamp. 

Brick & Mortar Music Hall Effectively Shut Down Over Sketchy Circumstances

UPDATE: Lawrence Le Blanc, Brick & Mortar's booker, tells us new soundproofing will go in Wednesday and “all is well.”

Despite being located in the shadow of the Central Freeway, the Entertainment Commission ruled Tuesday that Brick & Mortar Music Hall is too noisy and is only allowing the club to remain open under burdensome circumstances.  The Examiner reports:

The restrictions stem from nearly two years of complaints by neighbors of the venue on Mission Street near Duboce Avenue who say they have heard noise from the concert hall since it opened.

Following an hourlong discussion, the commission voted to approve numerous restrictions for the club, including limiting entertainment hours from 5 p.m. until 12:30 p.m. on weekends and 5 p.m. until 11:30 p.m. on weekdays. The sound levels of the club may also not exceed 80 decibels, which is about the level of a garbage disposal.

At the hearing, the owners explained they had already invested $50,000 in soundproofing, however the commission demanded the club schedule additional soundproofing by June 15—despite some neighbors defending the club, saying noise issues have improved.  Additionally, Brick & Mortar claims to have never received a complaint or police citation.

Brick & Mortar's owners allege the heavy-handed restrictions are not in fact over sound issues, but over their refusal to employ the Entertainment Commission's lone inspector's private security company, Yojimbo Protection Services.  In an interview with the SF Weekly, Brick & Mortart's owner Jason Perkins claims the club's troubles began last fall when he declined to hire Yojimbo at the inspector's urgings.

“I think if I hired his security company we would not have had one complaint,” Perkins says.

Other club owners, speaking off the record, report similar occurrences. One says [Inspector Vajra Granelli] referred him to a partner at Yojimbo to hire security for a nightclub. The owner hired the firm, but soon found that it was too expensive. After he replaced the firm, the club began getting noise and security citations from Granelli, according to the owner.

“The reason why clubs hire this person is because they [the entertainment commission] leave us alone,” he says.

The corruption has left Perkins frustrated and ready to throw in the towel. “We will close,” he told the Examiner. “We’ve got four other venues to run, it’s not worth it.”

[SF Weekly | Examiner]

All You Ever Wanted to Know About Shannon and the Clams

OutOfFocus.TV has been on a roll lately with their American Music series, turning out well-produced, fun to watch mini-docs about local bands.  Their latest vid profiles Shannon and the Clams, a band you most certainly have encountered on all your friends t-shirts (and probably in concert).  It covers everything from their live shows, goofy outfits, punctuality, and even Steve Irwin art.  Good stuff.

(And if you require more Shannon and the Clams in your life, they're doing a free show at Amoeba today at 6pm.)

The Story Behind the Flat Broke Puppet Co.

The Nick Jones of the Flat Broke Puppet Co. has been lighting up the corner of 24th and Mission for a year now with his goofy breed of musical puppetry, much to the delight of children and adults alike.  Recently, the Chronicle caught up with him to get his story:

Jones, 35, ran away to San Francisco as an “angry gay teen” when he was 17. He didn’t fit into the small fishing town in Rhode Island where he grew up, but when he arrived in San Francisco, it wasn’t the mecca of acceptance he had hoped for.

Like other teens who land in the city searching for answers to their complicated problems, Jones found a world of addiction and tough streets. Over the years he came and went from San Francisco, struggling to find a place where he could fit in.

Four years ago, he landed here again. This time, he found a community through his puppets.

Jones makes his own puppets with material donated by friends. Wolfie, a ratty faux-fur wolf with button eyes, was his first. The collection has grown to more than 20, but he still calls Wolfie his No. 1.
Wolfie comes to life with a touch of a rough-and-tumble East Coast accent that Jones says is inspired by his grandfather. Jones’ other creations include a cat, three dinosaurs, a shark, a witch, a 1960s wannabe diva kangaroo and Mary Jane Lane — a wide-lipped drag queen he calls his chanteuse.

Keep reading on SFgate, and be sure to watch this profile put together by Mission Local.

Free Beer! And Even Some Music!

As seen on the insane flier above (courtesy of the lovely Sam Bartos), I'm hosting a free in-studio performancerecording at Studio SQ with The Secret Secretaries and Demimonde. The show will take place at 7 this Sunday and the good people at Lagunitas are bringing us all of the beer in the world. Did I mention free beer? There'll be free beer. 

Since it's a semi-private party and you guys are my best friends, you can totally come but you must RSVP by emailing me to get on the list or the door guy will laugh and laugh and laugh once more right in your face and tell you to go fart on your own hands at home.

As you might recall, The Secret Secretaries recently received rave reviews from Uptown commenters “Everything Sucks” and “frisco music isn't all bad”, who noted “this is actually good” and “I thought SF music had hit the shitter, replaced by tech dorks. apparently not.”

BYO tech dork. 

SF's Best Kept 'Secret'

Hey guess what, the green energy elixir from Sidewalk Juice is totally a great coffee replacement. April fooools..

But seriously, you guys. SF dirtwave band The Secret Secretaries released a single today that sounds, as my friend Ryan put it, like if Kurt Cobain was the singer for Hum.  Behold:

Pretty sick. Good thing they're playing at Bottom of the Hill tonight. They go on at 9. I'll be the one in the front row with the rubber chicken.