Muni Mixtape

We've always been a fan of the mixtape, but it's lost its luster as sharing Rdio playlists has almost zero intimacy and only awful people still own working tape players.  But slapping up a handwritten playlist on the side of a Muni?  This could be the resurgence the lost tradition of mixtape swapping needs.

[via Muni Diaries]

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dunno if you saw on instagram, but I got a great shot of a Muni employee on break with his matching colors wu tang clan shirt. rather awesome, actually.

please post

Whoa. Following Richard D. James with Inspektah Deck is like the first time somebody to put honey on goat cheese. GENIUS.

I like to jam out to Tiffany’s classic rendition of the Beatles ‘I think we’re alone now’, while tramping about the city. It makes me feel like i’m in my own little special world. Yay!

I really, really hope you’re being sarcastic about “I Think We’re Alone Now” being a Beatles song.

Cuz, seriously. If you think that you got some musical homework to do, son.

Tommy James and the Shondells weren’t actually Paul, Ringo, John, and George? I guess I better nut kick meself then!

Ok, you WERE being sarcastic, then? Phew!

Faith in humanity: Restored.

My dreams are even sarcastic. I went to a doctor to try to get help for it, but I pissed him off(running my sarcastic ass mouth off, again), and he told me to get the f*ck out of his office. I’m hopeless, but i’m sure there is some nun who is thinking of breaking her vows, and will take the next charity case that walks up to them. Wish me luck! Sister Mary, i’ve been naughty.

I own multiple working tape players and still collect tapes so fuck that shit blogotron

haha yesss! you beat me to it. tapes rule.

Sorry Serg, but that’s some old timey hipster bs right there. Tapes don’t even sound good.