Bay to Breakers Dance-Off: Hot Dog vs. Astronaut

Astronaut was killing it yesterday.  Boy showed up to a stoop party on Hayes around 9 and just kicked it dancing and drinking through a camelbak.  If you take a look, you’ll even see he’s actively drinking during the impromptu danceoff.  EPIC.

In other news, this carrot definitely was the costume of 2010:

And Alan snapped the photo of 2010:

Jesus Day in Dolores Park

If you were willing to brave the wind today, you would have been able to witness the best day of the year to go to Dolores Park: Jesus Day!  That’s right, a group of Jesus fanboys and fangirls took their “amplified music” to the park to “praise the lord” and hate on “east coasters” and debauchery.  Of course, their message was largely ignored by 20-somethings drinking and smoking nearby, but good for them.  I’m certain that at least one cool kid took their message to heart.

Anyways, I would have put more effort into this post, but I need to get to bed so on Sunday morning I can wake up at 6:30am so I can go to a keg party on Hayes.

Timbuk2 Hosts a Kegger for Bike To Work Day, Makes a Bunch of Asian Ladies Work in the Back While Gringos Get Drunk

This is capitalism at its finest: Timbuk2 had a party at their Shotwell office/factory yesterday and had their wage slaves to working in the back (presumably sober) while their office staff poured beers from two kegs and ate Chex Mix.  The worst part of the whole thing is that actually sectioned off the workers with Caution tape, as if to say “DANGER: THAR BE ETHIC DIVERSITY OVER THAR.”  In the above picture, you can clearly see a sea of gawk schmoozing and drinking while nice asian ladies ‘make the company dollars’ while risking cutting their hands open with machinery.  On my way out of the place, I mentioned the horrors of the backroom to the two company bros at the front door.  Their collective response?  A laugh and a mumbled “yeah, well…”

Timbuk2 is the ultimate metaphor for America: make Asian people do the real work while you sit back and enjoy the show.