Man Mistakes Drug Lingo For Literal Invitation to 'Hit the Mission Street Slopes'

Months of torrential storms across California may have left the Sierra ski areas with their best conditions in years, but one Mission man apparently cannot wait to make it to the mountains. As witnessed late Thursday night, some cigarette-smoking alpine aspirant performed a cross-country crawl down Mission Street’s bus lane, skiing several blocks along San Francisco’s longest road.

That’s right: it seems one man was hoping to carve Mission Street’s infamously shitty snow.

As recorded here by Greg Gettle (via Facebook) across from Mission Crater Lake at 22nd Street, the neighborhood’s future Olympian huffed and puffed his way down the pavement, waving to bemused spectators on the sidewalk. But as another tipsters tells us, the skier was seen earlier down 19th, meaning this man grinded his way slightly uphill for at least three blocks.

No word if he actually went “skiing.”

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