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Truffle Guy And Robot Dance Party Get Down

That is all.

The full video, with accompanied jams, can be found here.

[Hat Tip: Katie Riley]

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LOL! Stay weird SF!!

When does scott weiner come along and fuck it all up with his uppity bullshit?

seriously that guy sucks

I’m sure it won’t be long.

If there’s one thing Scott Wiener loves, it’s telling the people what to do and how to do it. He also likes removing trash cans from parks and attempting to overturn measures passed by popular vote of the people of San Francisco. He literally believes he should have the power to overturn the will of the voters.…(November_2011)

Seriously, you’d think Wiener was paying us to deal with his bizarre issues with passing moral judgment on  San Franciscans and constantly trying to control them. Instead we’re held hostage to Wiener’s mental problems while we pay his hefty salary. I can’t wait for Scott Wiener and his one man war on fun to get termed out and leave us alone to enjoy ourselves.

It’s so great that robot dance party exists.  Seriously, i was just in Bushwick visiting a friend, and while it’s cool and all, much better edm scene, it’s just not as funky of a place.

As of this afternoon, the dolores park rangers are back to their tyrannical ways and not allowing RDP to dance his god fearing ass off.