Wiener Roast

Supervisor Wiener Is Getting Roasted

Supervisor Scott Wiener, who today officially announces his campaign for state Senate, is getting roasted. The roast, which takes place on August 19th at Mission Bowling Club, is set to benefit a group of as-of-yet unnamed charities and is being organized by small-business advocate ProLocal.

Importantly, the five roasters have not been locked down yet, and event organizers are encouraging people to “contact [them] about 5 feature roast opportunities at:” Which: amazing. Maybe Supervisor Campos should take this as an opportunity to lecture Supervisor Wiener on the finer points of his proposed moratorium on Mission District development.

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Wiener Roast?

Also, they spelled his name wrong on the flyer.  More like AmateurLocal.

More like WHOOOOOOSH for you (though it wasn’t very funny)

You’re right, I totally didn’t get it.  Then when I got it, I didn’t laugh.

Have you been to a roast? It’s about poking jabs at the guest of honor! We’re hitting the ground running with “Supervisor Weiner”

I wish they were roasting him over an open fire.

Out of town construction workers and their unions want to keep building ugly condos for new residents who just moved here from back East. Vote greed, vote money, vote big business, vote socially conservative, vote for the social misfit!!!  

None of the condos are Union built that I know of, to small of jobs.

yes, the mission could really use that campos sponsored housing moratorium. It’s ingenious. I’ll all for It!  Can’t wait until November. 

Quick, send in all the naked people and robot dance party.