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New Mural Comes to Folsom & 24th Street

San Francisco artist Crayone is in the process of putting up a huge mural on Folsom Street at 24th. The mural, which when completed will run north up Folsom, will feature a Carnaval dancer and pay tribute to lowrider culture in addition to the above pictured Golden Gate Bridge.

The work was commissioned by W-K Market.

In conversation with Uptown Almanac, the artist said that the mural would take him a few weeks to finish and encouraged people to stop by and say “hello.” He also happened to be blasting Craig Mack at the time. Which: awesome.

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There’s another one at 24th and SVN. If you’re looking at the garage, its on the left hand side. Looks cool

Maybe w-k could stop selling alcohol to drunks at 6:30am.  Nice as the mural is, it would do more for the neighborhood if they didn’t sell to so many visibly inebriated people at all hours.  Buying a mural doesn’t make W-K a good neighbor.