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A Look at The Menu Replacing Hapa Ramen

Much was written about the unexpected March closure of Richie Nakano’s Hapa Ramen, with the story of a messy fallout between the cook and the investor to whom he sold an ownership share of the business taking front and center in the cautionary tale.

But up until this point, we’ve heard little specifics about the intentions of Owen Van Natta—the tech investor and owner of the now-shuttered Hapa Ramen spot on Mission Street. Well, our first hint as to what will replace the ramen spot comes in the form of the above pictured menu posted outside the restaurant.

And while the name of the new restaurant remains unknown, a logo calling to mind some sort of Guy Fieri tattoo suggests we can expect great things.

[Photo: Doctor Popular]

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May or not have heard of New Orleans

Fleur d Lys.  

Do I really need to spell out the joke for you?

I guess you do because I don’t get it either.

They are re-opening in November with a completely new concept. In the meantime, they have to host pop-ups every so many days in order to keep their liquor license valid. Amazing that they can just sit on this place so long, eh? Deep pockets.

plus they own the building (and many others along that block).

Hapa was so rad and such a fun place to hang This will hands down suck balls

Once again. Zero creativity, and literally “biting” another towns culture and cuisine. This place is a total joke of what it used to be. Congratulations twitter, uber, lyft… you have not only turned this place into Sicilian valley 2, but a sterile smorgasbord of the same old recycled excuse me “re purposed” shit.  Great job!