100% Cacao With Only A Hint Of Parking Space

Dandelion Chocolate Plans to Bring Another Parklet to Valencia

Dandelion Chocolate, the self-described “bean-to-bar chocolate factory” on Valencia between 18th and 19th Street, has just successfully completed a Kickstarter campaign to fund the creation of a parklet in front of their store. From the Kickstarter page:

As part of the San Francisco “Pavement-to-Parks” program, we are transforming two parking spaces into a beautiful seating area where all can enjoy Valencia Street and linger outdoors. […]

We have spent a long time visioning, designing and submitting proposals to the City of San Francisco in order to develop a safe and intimate space for pedestrians to socialize, relax and appreciate their city from an alternate perspective.

The campaign, which surpassed its original goal of $13,000 by several thousand dollars, ended this past Wednesday. And as the project page lists a July completion date for the parklet, we may soon have abeautiful and functional community space” in which to lounge while we eat our $12 chocolate bars.

[Photo: Dandelion Chocolate / Kickstarter]

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Nice.   I like Chocolate.   just not their prices.    But  one is a blue moon.,   and their stuff special.   Like really.

I also like parklets better than parking spaces.   I Wish they would take all the parking spaces on Valencia Mission, and Van Ness Avenua away.

How about we make the default that street space is for people to enjoy, and drivers can have a Kickstarter campaign if they want some of the world’s most valuable real estate dedicated to storing cars.

How about a Kickstarter campaign to create parking spots on sidewalks?

Genius. SF needs more leadership like this.

how about a kickstarter to get the Stop a Douchebag crew to establish an SF Chapter, and go after cars that park in the streets illegally?


I like your idea of getting rid of the streets for cars. Neat-o!

me too!

So let me get this straight.  The owners sold their tech company for over $200 MILLION dollars, started a chocolate company thats one of the fastest growing small ones in the country, and they want people to donate so they can build a parklet outside?  

I don’t know Dandelion’s money history, but if they are as rich as you suggest, then a kickstarter is validation method that a broad swath of the public want less space dedicated to car storage and more parks.  

Or showing that it is not just  three rich dudes  buying  the street.

We should charge the going rate (about $300 a square foot per year) for people to occupy parking spaces purely for their own profit.  And that money should go to free uber rides for off the clock lyft workers.

I’ve voiced this complaint before, but what the hell, why not again: (1) For-profit business wants to expand its customer seating; (2) For-profit business says, “oh, it’s *community* seating,” knowing full well it will be used for nothing other than customer seating; (3) For-profit business therefore suggests, “since it’s for the ‘community’, it would be great if you paid for it, instead of us. We’ll offer really terrible incentives, like ‘pay us $20, and you’ll get a candy bar’ ”; (4) suckers pony up. I live a few hundred yards from Dandelion, and have a flexible work schedule. I wish I were tough enough to neglect to shower for a week and just hang out in their “community space” while strumming a poorly-tuned guitar. Sadly, I have only enough energy for this internet comment.  

Hmm- why not finance someone who is tough (broke) enough?

Yes, there is an app for that.

Thank God somebody sees the way i see it.

This is disgusting. Capitalism wins again. Puke. Vomit.


Valencia from 14th to 22nd should just become one giant parklet. Like those trinket vendor mazes in such un-Google locales as Mexico City, etc. 

Instead of a parklet, how about dedicated street housing for the homeless?

The parklet is open.

Tree Levels

Tall bar stool

Normal table level

Coffee table like seating.

Solar panels charge batteries that light soft light.

The seating is good to watch the conflict between cars and bike lane.

Come try out your new parklet.

Internet, give me some feedback.

So I”m by the Parklet created in front of Dandelion Chocolate.  Its only open a couple nights.   You should come by and use it, .  Keep it a public space.

It’s a really good location, to city /people watch.

And, I think I’ve got compassion, but the guy who is setting up his sleeping spot with cardboard boxes in front of the now dead Abbots Cellar, is making scary verbalizations and sounds.   Part of me wants to say, STFU, and let me enjoy this nice weather.   But, I wanna have compassion too.   What’s the advice of the part of the internet that frequent’s uptown?