Welcome to The New Mission, Where "Fantastic" Just Means "Expensive"

Construction of the Vida building, one of the more recognizable condos to have sprung up in the Mission over the past few years, is finally complete. Although those with $600,000 to spare on a junior 1-bedroom have been able to secure a spot in the development since at least last November, Vida’s website is now proudly declaring that potential residents can “move in now.”

The building’s design, which is somewhat questionably described by its developers as “literally weaving the urban fabric of the Mission into the building itself,” stands out significantly from the surrounding neighborhood. Apparently this uniqueness extends past the condo’s jutting, many-chinned facade all the way to the interior, as this Craigslist post titled “Fantastic Brand New Luxury 2bed/2bath Condo in the Mission” calls out:

It is difficult to imagine what exactly is just so “fantastic” about this place, and with a rather dreary looking two bedroom renting for $7,499 a month, it appears that the only fantastical element about the entire thing is the price.

And while the project’s developers may have envisioned some form of grand integration with the surrounding community (the accomplishment of which would have truly been fantastic), their promise that residents will be able to “watch the large, flat-screen TV with friends as the vibrant Mission moves by outside” suggests a vision for Vida’s future inhabitants that is a tad more limited than the language of this bombastic Craigslist post suggests.

[Photo: Erik Wilson | h/t Cosmic Amanda]

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Get the fuck outta here with $7500. 

I’m quite sure thats a troll posting on CL.  It cannot possibly be $7500 a month.

The leasing agent seems real. Didn’t one of the condos at 19th/Valencia rent for $10K/month?

Well, it was *advertised* for $10k. Doesn’t mean they got it.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure this is real. 

San Francisco’s median 1BR price = $3400 according to Zumper.

Since this is a new development, centrally located and adjacent to Bart, I’d say $7500 is a very reasonable asking price. 

Maybe you need to look-up the definition of ‘reasonable’

Okay, so it’s not reasonable by national standards, but it _is_ reasonable given current market conditions in SF

I went to a party at a rich dude’s house a while back and his 2BR in SoMa was $18,000 a month. I wouldn’t have believed it but I kept pushing and he broke out the lease agreement on his phone. 

where in soma is this 18k a month place- roughly you don’t need to list his address

It’s a little over the top, I admit. Obscene? No. 

This Tuffy guy seems like the resident pest - the ring leader of the local 

arrondissement’s society of anarchic elders. 

I’d personally call the Alcohol Beverage Control on the bar this guy barbacks at, if I see

him at one. 

The Mission is a “lost” cause - as some of your other elders on this blog, have previously noted. 

So please shove your faux outrage and see if they will give you a facility manager’s position at the

said establishment.

The fine tax-paying renters of the tenement are surely looking forward to your services.

You will make a great fit.


Barbacks still get laid more than you…… herb


I don’t know why exactly the ABC would care about my opinions on gentrification but it’s moot as I no longer work in the bar industry. But thank you for the career advice. 

“stands out significantly from the surrounding neighborhood”

You’ve never seen new construction before? 

Not that ugly, no

Fine, but if you’re going to complain about architecture that takes risks, you can’t then turn around and complain about the generic, boxy condos springing up across the nation.  Can’t have it both ways.

Ugly is ugly.  And I can have it both ways or is that not allowed anymore in SF?

Your two ways are ‘trying too hard and failing’ and ‘not trying hard enough and failing’.  What we have here is ‘good enough to turn a fat profit’.  At least they hope.

Can’t please everyone. I like it.

Vida = Muerte.

$7500 was 15 months’ rent for a share in a two bedroom apartment or a year’s rent for a studio apartment in the Mission twenty years ago.

$300,000/year required to afford $7500 monthly rent.  No avant-garde residents for this avant-garde (read hideously ugly) condo development.

It actually looks better than the endless blocks of BLAND AND BEIGE BUILDINGS. You must be one of the “Keep SF ugly” people (who thinks it’s the other way around).

$7500 monthly comes out to (assuming 40% of monthly take goes to rent/housing) $225,000 annually. 

thats a lot of money and not at a lot at the same time. its enough where you would be a complete idiot to throw that much at a place that will not net a return eventually. 

No, I can’t imagine thats a real price.  You can rent much larger places in much fancier areas of the city for that price.  That said, if it is so be it, I signed a place in Longfellow.

Die Vida Die

Trolling San Franciscans these days is as easy as taking a random picture of an apartment interior and attaching it to a CL post advertising an obviously inflated price for an imaginary apartment.

Well stated. Thanks

Agreed. All of these “high prices” posts are really just by trolls.

A one bedroom apartment can be found easily for only $500 a month. The idea that it would cost $3000 is just something that the trolls are pushing. 

Well, it’s probably a “real” listing, in that this particular apartment actually exists and they will accept that much. But they could list it for $75,000 a month if they like. That doesn’t mean anyone will actually bite.

CL apartments for under $500

For those click-adverse there are indeed SIX (!) matching listings:

  • accredited senior living
  • a room in the Marriott hotel where you can stay when apartment hunting
  • a “part time executive rental” for $150 - a night ($4500/month)
  • a parking spot
  • a 2 bedroom 1000 square foot apartment in japantown for $150 - a night ($4500/month)
  • an “industrial, open concept space” in SOMA for $175 - a night ($5250/month)

I think you’re the troll davidid. I spent a full year searching for an apartment here and not once saw so much as a closet for $500.

You obviously don’t live in San Francisco if you think you can find a one bedroom for $500 a month here. The rents really are that insane. This map of the city (in the link below) shows average rents for one bedrooms as of 2013. They’re even higher now. (Me and my significant other pay $2,700/month for a two bedroom. It’s a rent controlled building we moved into in 2001. The rent we pay for the space we have is a bargain in today’s market.)…

You’re so full of it.

You can’t even get a ROOM to rent for under $500 a month anywhere near San Francisco. Concord is as close as you can get for that price.

it takes a little work and what not, but I just secured a room in the mission, (Guerrero and 15th) for $600 a month. My last place was $700 a month at a great location in lower haight a few months back.  So these places and rents do exist!!! 

*Note to people that are looking. do yourself a favor, get off the internet & craigslist searches. Go out and actually talk to people, make friends, get to know the hood and the residents and you will be amazed at what open rooms are available. 

Has anybody gotten a good deal off a craigslist  apartment  ad in the last 2 years? Without having to jump through a million hoops?

Yea, there are semi-secret google group pages and other such where people post room openings for substantially lower than craigslist.  Mainly to keep artists, friends, and such in the city I would guess.  But if you want your own place, i.e., an entire rental to yourself, I don’t think anywhere is available for 500-600.  Even the cheapest in-law anywhere in the city is probably a few hundred more than that, but maybe not.

17 years ago I generally found better rental rates from rent-tech than I did from the fetal craigslist.


Everyone whining about sky high rent should READ THIS GUY’S FUCKIN COMMENT ^^^

Learn from this guy. He’s a doer not a sayer.

$500 for a 1 br apt in SF?  Where is that?

Ha! Right… A 500$ 1br. studios that are really just a room in someone’s basement in a decent neighborhood start at 1800. A studio in the tenderloin starts at 950/1000 For maybe 300-400 square ft. If you can find a $500 apartment inside of SF you are the luckiest person ever. You can’t even share a room with someone for less than 500$ 

Fuck these assholes. I hope it burns down.

While you are saying “Fuck these assholes” like a whiny helpless teen girl. YOU ARE getting your asshole FUCKED by the same people.

Get yourself a brand new attitude. Or you can play victim for the rest of your miserable life.

why do you hate teenage girls


where dey at doe?

Just checked Craigslist. It is $7500 for the penthouse, but I didn’t see any pictures like the one in this post. Still, penthouse units are expensive in new construction. The rest are around $3800 for a one bedroom. Whether that upsets anyone or not… that is market value.

“Ah rich people are making SF terrible!” 

“Oh my god, rich people are horrible. They make my life SO miserable.”

“That guy has more money than me, what an asshole.”

<fuck>Are you people fucking serious?</fuck>

I hear in Palo Alto they don’t mind rich people as much, might be worth looking into

Why are those in quotes when nobody has ever said those things ever. Or are you just a bit dim.

Oh, you’ve resorted to making smart ass remarks about my “quotes” that people didn’t ACTUALLY say. My apologies.

It’s the implied theme littered throughout the banter on this hilarious topic. 

You are probably the same people that believe that rent control is actually productive. It’s not, it is counter-productive. 

Also the same dangerous “let’s go after people that make more money than us with pitchforks” mentality can be seen here…

* This is regarding the house that Tom Westergren (Pandora) and his wife, Smita Singh, plan to build in Marin, it’s an 8,297-square-foot home on a 16.9-acre lot. 

Now, here comes a pair of real assholes who clearly aren’t focused on themselves and have nothing more productive to do in their life than whine and bitch to a newspaper about the size of someone else’s home. It’s clear that they are jealous and that’s sad. It’s also despicable. If they weren’t to busy harassing other people and maybe spending some time looking at themeselves and keeping their side of the street clean, they have more time to make more money (if that’s what they desire, which it seems that way)…

“Our own house is 900 square feet, as are many of the houses here, and while that may seem small, a development that approaches commercial, rather than residential, at over 8,000 square feet is totally out of control,” neighbors Doug and Kathy Gower wrote in a letter to the county, SFGate reports.


Go whine to your mother.

I do complain to my mother sometimes. I even might whine to my father. Heck, I am a human. It’s nice and it helps. Your posts are just, like, dumb and incoherent, though. Rambling on about “implied themes” and rent control; putting quotes around stuff that nobody actually said. You should probably call your mother. You come across as very silly and maybe your mum could help you find your footing again. 

I’ll also “Ass-ume” that you have nothing else of substance to contribute after this mostly off-topic and empty paragraph you’ve endowed us with. Thank you.

why do you keep calling people out for whining only to go on to whine whine whine

you gotta walk the walk, girl

I do keep my mouth shut, I have for 12 years.

In fact, I was even one of the people who thought that rich people are bad. And talked about those “really high rent prices” - great, what are you going to do about it? Is it beneficial to blame it all on the “tech workers” ?

And complained about shit, instead of taking action and doing something about it. And I don’t mean action as in, let’s lobby the government to do shit for us. The government is the most inefficient organization in the world. Illusions are persistent.

 If I can even wake up one person in this thread. Hey, that works.

If you want to wake people up, try not insulting them.  That just turns it into a fight, and then neither side is listening, just trying to win.

Bullshit. Even many of the wealthy in Inverness/Point Reyes say that building a big place and cutting down trees to do so in that area ain’t cool, and it’s just not done. I was surprised to hear this from rich people that otherwise parrot most of your concerns.I think you’re supposed to do mansions in other places, like Nicasio.

Seriously? Vida? What a fucking slap in the face this is to Latin American Mission residents. Developers give no fucks about people unless their bank accounts are flooded with easy money made from designing the next edgy homepage.

Excelsior’s still full of “Latin” people.

I’m sure the Mission residents you speak of could move there and still feel comfortable, which can’t be said of the non-Latin residents of the Mission, here.

Yes, and? It’s not going to ever change. Nobody has YOUR best interests in mind. The fact, not fortunate or unfortunate, is that.

Money isn’t real, it’s just a way to keep score in a game.

Focus on you, and everything around you will work better. You won’t even notice or give a flying fuck about a high price rent building. Or you might get angry. I don’t enjoy seeing SKY HIGH RENT, however,

We don’t say “its a slap in the face to [INSERT YOUR FAVORITE RACE HERE]. the ironic par tis that you say “Latino resident” - right there, you have proven the first point I made. This is small minded thinking. This is what the BIG DEVELOPERS want, you to argue amongst each other while they clean up on Money Ave.

Actually the developers aren’t thinking about you, they don’t want you to be happy or sad. They are to busy building shit, and heading over to the bank to cash out. or re-invest in more property.

You only care successively about your own race > hood > family > you. What about the whites and blacks? It must not be a slap in the face to them. 

If the evictions keep coming fast and furious, there will be no “lively” neighborhood for anyone to enjoy. a lot fewer community gardens, murals, art spaces and funky old bars, even more $4 coffee spots. Why is that? Because the residents of these costly junior 1-bedrooms have little time to patronize the dive bars. They are all grabbing their coffees at 6:30 am and commuting to Mountain View. Yes, that’s capitalism. You don’t know what you’be got til it’s gone.

How can a place be lively with bland and robotic white people? HA

This building is going to look super tacky great after 5 years of Mission Street exhaust, Mission Street grime, Capp Street bodily exhaust, add a few scatches in the windows. Reminiscent of a  dystopian Tokyo.

A great monument to symbolize the place and time, spiced with Taco Bell zest.

I agree with that. 

It pisses me off that anyone would even consider paying this much for such an uninteresting place…. when the bust comes (and it will come) there are going to be a lot of folks that made $200k plus that can’t rub two nickels together…..

Smart people stupid decisions…

**** BONUS FUN TIP ****

If you really want to give these real estate developers the finger…

Start saving money now,  prepare for the next big dip in the economy comes you. And you might be able to snap up some of the very properties that some of these development companies default on at heavy heavy discounts. 

Learn to ride the downs, in addition to the ups.

And before you think that I’m some rich asshole… 

I see opportunities and I ride the rough times. I have $121 in my checking account literally right now/ Why? I lost some of my monopoly money after a series of bad decisions, which lead to unfocused thinking. It’s no big deal - it’s happened before.

That being said, also right now, I’m eating a $60 breakfast in a 5 star Los Angeles hotel, reading an update from a point person in South America on some real estate developments I am considering investing in. then I’m heading to O.C. and Vegas for a few days. 

“But how if you only have $121 in your bank account?” - First, no I actually don’t have very much other cash in other holdings or bank accounts, a small savings and thats it (that is another other topic… savings account are bullshit, the % interest will never outpace inflation).

Second, if you allow money to be your master an determine what you can and cannot do. You need to re-evaluate your situation and what you want in life. Because when you want something bad enough, a lack of money isn’t going to stop you.

Money is just the thing to get you what you actually want. Start acting like an owner, not a consumer. Consumerism is an EPIDEMIC in this and many countries. I just sold an old iPhone 5 of mine to a very nice latin woman. She said she didn’t have a lot of money, I gave her a slight discount, but it was still $200 cash. I said bye and hoped maybe she would wake up one day, as her and her toddler in the car pulled away - I have a toddler also, so this was in the forefront of my mind.

I thought, “why would she be buying this if she doesn’t have much money?” I, and we, have all been there I believe. 

Oh my god, you’re the most annoying commenter ever. Shut up. 

Condescension is also insulting

I liked you before you did a bunch of coke and verbally jizzed all over the place…

I know they say don’t feed the trolls, but DJ does it so well, that some peanuts are deserved.

yes, $7500 seems obscene, but given that San Francisco is busting at the seems of people who make six figures (100 to 200k) and can’t find places to live, it’s not that crazy and if ur in a relationship with someone who makes about the same it’s very reasonable.   we can all make fun of it and say how rediculous that is, but if you were a landlord in this city and knew you could get it, you would.

I live in what the broker selling our three unit building called a three bedroom flat. We have one room mate and pay $1750, when he moves out we could rent his room out for $$$, but we will keep it for ourselves.

This is one of the most insightful comments that I’ve read here.

I live in the Mission (22nd & Valencia) and pay <$900/mo to share a 4br/1bath with 3 people. I’m fortunate enough to live here only because the roommates liked me when they interviewed me, and even though I “work in tech” I don’t elicit the behavior of some vanilla milquetoast snob. Regardless of your income (or lack of it), its your attitude that will get you what you want.

PS – If you can’t afford it, it’s not for you. Stop complaining about it and move on.

Actually it’s against the rent control ordinance to rent the room for $$$ and would be grounds to be evicted. (I don’t know exactly what your situation is, but likely the most you could rent it for would be ⅓ the full rent.)

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