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Tune In As We Interview Supervisor David Campos This Afternoon on BFF.fm

We’ve written about the race to fill Tom Ammiano’s seat in the California State Assembly in the past, in which San Francisco Supervisors David Campos and David Chiu are facing off the the Democratic nomination on June 3rd.  Now we’re bringing the candidates to our weekly radio show on BFF.fm.

This week we’ll be talking to David Campos, a two-term member of the Board of Supervisors representing the Mission, Bernal Heights, and Portola in District 9.  We’ll be discussing city and district issues, his initiatives addressing housing and poverty, the race against Supervisor Chiu for the State Assembly, and what he hopes to accomplish as a member of the Assembly.

The show starts this afternoon at 4:30.  You can stream the interview live directly on BFF.fm, or on Soundtap.  And if you have any questions for the Supervisor, leave them in the comments (or send them to us on Twitter during the show) and we’ll do our best to ask them.

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Campos why do you care more about illegal aliens than you do about the legal citizens who elected you?

Dear Idiot

Gee, I don’t know…maybe he relates to them??



I hear there are plenty of bedrooms with doors in Oakland.

Dear Joe:  Why are you a moron and why do you have no idea what you’re talking about?

To tell you the truth I’m not against all illegal aliens illegally coming here. There is one group I welcome: Muslims. I think we should welcome them as warmly as we do do illegal Hispanics. And to be fair and non-discriminatory we must respect their desire to live their lives here under their Sharia law. Now I know there will be those who will say that Muslims hate gays and once the condos on Mission are built they will use the construction cranes to hang homosexuals but please remember it’s just cultural relativism and we in SF must keep an open mind. 

Ahh, you’re just spouting whatever nonsense to get a reaction. Check.

Well good. Maybe he can relate himself and his illegal friends back to the countries they came from. 

Shlabotnik: are you related to the Navajo Shlabotnik or the Onondaga Shlabotnik? What’s that you say, no? Then shut up, invader. 

With a mug like Campo’s, something tells me his peeps have been here way longer than a mere Shlabotnik; where ever the fuck that hails from.

I was born in this City. I’m from the SF Shlabotniks.

I did have a good friend who lived on Onondaga growing up.

I’m from the SF Shlabotniks. Translation: Invader from afar. If your peeps were all that, they should have stayed where they were and fixed it. That way you wouldn’t be subjected to current migration, and the rest of us wouldn’t have to read your lame shit.

If it hadn’t been for a Hispanic woman, you and yours would still be living on the steppes.

“If your peeps were all that, they should have stayed where they were and fixed it.” That’s what I keep saying about the illegal aliens. They should stay in their home countries and fix them Instead of coming to mine illegally. The Shlabotniks didn’t come from the Russian steppes we came from San Francisco.

What a troll. Joe Shlabotnik is a Peanuts character btw, similar to what this dude as for brains.

Mr. Campos,

Why are you now opposed to installing turf at the Beach Chalet soccer fields?



Because the artificial rubber turf is yet another giant scam from Rec and Park Director Phil Ginsburg and billionaire Mark Buell?

Because it’s a total taxpayer ripoff orchestrated by the scumbag Don (Slave Labor) Fisher family?

Because it’s bad for the environment to replace grass with artificial crap material?

Because Rec and Park has plenty of money for  reall grass and trees and plants if they weren’t a fucking gravy train for political hacks like Nate Ballard’s wife Sarah Ballard, making six figures a year for filling up space in Phil Ginsburg’s useless collection of upper management hacks?

Could those be some of the reasons?

Mr Campos 

Recently an article in San Francisco magazine called  the ongoing remaking of our city “The Change”. Which might be why our city is having a heat flash today. 

The piece in question says that the changes to SF are something we have no choice over and that the city must change because that is the nature of capitalism. 

How do we protect our writers , reporters, artists and others that make SF so unique? Or should we all just join the exodious to Oakland. 


You’ll need to find a way to increase your income. Not that complicated.

Dear Campos,

Why are you such a pandering piece of shit?

You just asked why a politician panders?!

Excellent interview! Is there an archive of it somewhere? I missed the first half. 

Thanks! We’ll be publishing it here on UA this weekend.

I will not be voting for Campos. Too many votes favoring the fringes with louder voices , the Ross M vote, the nudie vote. Not mature, not ready for prime time. 

Campos has been an excellent SF Supervisor, and we have every reason to believe that he’ll be an excellent assemblyman, as well. 

Are you drunk?

He’s confused.

Nope, I just recognize the fact that Campos has been a very good supervisor for his constituents, and for the city in general.  He’s definitely got my vote for the assembly.

Too bad the only constituents he cares about are the illegal alien crowd and making sure they don’t get deported after committing a crime (beside the one of being here illegally). But seeing that he came to the US illegally himself…

Too late, you already admitted you’re trolling.  You nede to at least change your name before I’ll bite again. 


Where did I admit to trolling? I just have a difference of opinion than you do Vegetable. How Un-San Franciscan of you to not tolerate that. 

Up above.  You start spouting nonsense so crazy that no-one could possibly seriously believe it.  Therefore, obviously you’re just trolling.  QED.

Dumb. Just very dumb. 

Yes, you are.  And wrong.