Death Watch

Grim Reaper Lurks Outside Amber Dhara

This scene parked outside Amber India’s Valencia outpost surprised me for two reasons: unions have been protesting outside corporate retailers downtown daily since there have been unions.  This is nothing new.  But I cannot remember a time they bothered with the lil’ old Mission District.  It seems now that Valencia is among the heaviest trafficked streets in the city, unions have learned what Greenpeace has known for years and are bringing their shame campaigns to the corridor.  What fun!

But Amber Dhara?  Really?  The death chef standing next to Death himself tells us they’re protesting the restaurant because they refused to hire union carpenters, which is fine.  But customers have been protesting their boring food and 70s coke den decor since they opened—they hardly need any help scaring away business.

Regardless, you have to hand it to the union: they couldn’t have picked a more appropriate symbol to stick outside the ever desolate restaurant.

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Whoever rents out those Grim Reapers must be making a fucking fortune, I’ve seen them all over the city the past several months.

It’s been at Mission and 2nd for the past weeks or two.

They’ve had a setup at Grant and Market for the last couple of months, too.

I wish that Grim Reaper was outside of the storefront when it was the Ralph Nader 2000 presidential headquarters. Probably more appropriate.

Hahahaha.  I agree.  Politicians not bought by corporations are for fucking losers.

Amber Dhara has a delicious kale entree. I guess I’ll eat at Udupi Palace from now on, but Amber Dhara was pretty tasty. And I never understood why they always have a host and a manager walking around.

FYI amber dhara is fucking delicious.