Paint on Walls

Rad New Mural Overlooking San Francisco Depicts Savage Shark Getting Its Eye Poked

The new work is by Casey O’Connell, at it’s sitting pretty atop Folsom Street on Bernal Heights.  As the homeowner told Bernalwood while the mural was being painted:

Life’s too short to live in a plain white house. Plus, the hottest neighborhood in America should have a hot pink element. The artist is Casey O’Connell and we just let her do her thing, which currently involves sharks with gold grills of the San Francisco skyline.

You should go check it out at once, if only to see a shark with a mouth full of San Francisco:

[First photo via Casey]

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Is blinding a shark supposed to be humorous?  The womyn attempting to blind the creature doesn’t seem to be alarmed, rather she seems amused by the opportunity to assert control over a creature in its own habitat, in which she shouldn’t be intruding!

What is a womyn? Is that a humyn with a hymyn?

Nice! I’ve never been a fan of that house, just looks so blocky and soul-less, but this looks like it might add some much-needed flavor! Kudos!

How very dull.

1) I love absolutely love the mural.

2) I absolutely loathe some of the commenters on this article.