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Who Dropped the Dime on Mission Control?

Mission Control has been a hub for alternative sex culture in San Francisco since 2001. We were recently, without warning, evicted from the space [2519 Mission St at 21st] that has been our home for thirteen years. It wasn’t “rising rent prices” or “a rowdy party” which ended us, as has been reported. Our demise was one phone call from the City Attorney to our landlord, telling us that the building was not zoned for use as a private club. The landlord, who had no idea of how we used the building, was shocked to discover our purpose, and served us a 30 day notice immediately. When the reporter from the Chronicle called the City Attorney to find out why we had been evicted he denied making the phone call. After persisting, he said it was because of a “rowdy party”, but that was a lie. Our events never disturbed our neighbors and no report of a disturbance was ever made. Although we will never really know what happened, the whole thing seems fishy.

Mission Control was a pretty open secret for years, so it’s probably not unreasonable to suspect actors in the ongoing redevelopment of the Mission. The sales office for the new Vida building a block away opens this spring! On the other hand, there were at least a few longtime neighbors who were none too pleased when they found out about moving in to the Armory building years ago.  But it sounds like someone with some pull may have complained and it was curtains for the cabaret. The guerilla campaign wages on! Kinky Salon will celebrate its 11th anniversary on with a party on April 19th.

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Hm?  I thought they were out of there years back and in general have moved to Potrero Hill.  Then again I’m also not part of the scene so haven’t gone in general.  According to the Chronicle though, techies are making up the majority of the patrons.

Tire of people minding their own busines and ignoring personal choices that have zero effect on them personally? Are you just aching to see the people in your community skewered by the pointy boot of authority, so that you can be sure that everyone is just as fucking miserable as you?

Well good news fun haters, because the new San Francisco puritanism is here today!

Just remember, people caught enjoying their lives aren’t going to punish themselves so be sure to support your neighborhood Morality Police by voting for more control freaks like Scott Wiener and Ed Lee.

Together we can cleanse this filthy town and make it safe for greater profits and tender sensibilities!

I’m confused. Was this a legal eviction? It sure sounds like one.

Methinks the recent article on SFGate re: Mission Control and techie orgies generated the scrutiny.  Attention isn’t a good thing when you’re operating on the fast & loose with zoning/permitting.

That article came after they were already losing their space.

What about this article from October 2013?

Oh well, that’s life in the big city!

More likely than not, the bouncer denied some city bureaucrat entrance, and this was their revenge…