Another One Bites The Dust

Condos Slated to Replace 24th and Folsom's La Parrilla Grill

SocketSite has the scoop:

A plan to raze the two-story Mission District building on the southeast corner of Folsom and 24th Streets, currently home to La Parrilla Grill, and construct a five-story building designed by Natoma Architects with 20 modern condos over 2,800 square feet of new ground floor commercial space has been submitted to Planning for review.

As proposed, a central courtyard would divide the top four floors of the building into two separate masses, but the façade along 24th Street would rise a continuous 55 feet.

We’re certainly starting to see a lot of high-end development along 24th.  What this trend means for 24th won’t be known for years, however, as an anonymous tipster writes, it’ll be hard to point fingers at the usual crop of developers for sullying another cultural corridor:

This is interesting, especially because businesses along 24th Street on occasion actually own the buildings they inhabit.  So if 24th Street turns into Valencia, it’s hard to place blame on the usual suspects.


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Good. We need more housing. Keep it coming. 

Not to mention many Latino landlords who are more than willing to rent to the rich techies currently “ruining” the neighborhood.

Curt but well said.

Yes we need more housing, but the kind that only the rich can afford.

Where will all of the bookstores move to next?

into the CLOUD, man

In before outrage.

La Parilla is GROSS

your gross

My gross?

What will happen to the massage parlor?

You mean… latino business and land owners might be just as interested in turning a profit as their anglo counterparts?!  *faints dead away*

Also, props to whoever put this deal together for going for a 5-story unit from the get-go.  More of this, please.

I have recently to moved to the mission district. I am from Stockton, and the protections and rent control tenants have our admiral. SF tenants have it the best out of any city in California, yet they complain the most. You dont deserve anything you dont earn.

So you earned the air you breathe? Our delicious tap water, you earned that how? Our streets and libraries and schools and transit? Because even though you don’t sound very pleasant, I would never say you didn’t deserve to have these things. Everyone does. 

Your Admiral maybe; but don’t speak up for us all. I never enlisted in this navy.

You’re welcome.Maybe if morons like yourself “complained” more in Stockton, you’d get more. 

With the combination of converting rentals to ownership, owners who refuse to rent long term, and the changing demographics, Rent Control is dying in San Francisco. It is clearly ineffective and has produced neither affordability nor security. It should be replaced by a needs-based, tax payer supported voucher system similar to Section 8. I wouldn’t be surprised if the knuckehead politicians, trying to stop its inevitable death, reach too far and we get a Supreme Court case challenging the entire Rent Control regime. 

And if a fire / natural catastrophe would consume Casa Sanchez and the other smattering of under-trafficked Mexican / Latin joints that use such fine purveyors as SYSCO and ARAMARK for their offerings, I’d be glad to see a good panini joint that makes killer Porchetta, a sub-continental curry shop ( a la Pakwan ) and and perhaps a noodle bar or a nice gastropub.

I’m praying for a 7.7 sometime soon.

Me, too, but only if the ground swallows you entirely.

what is wrong with you

And the next phase of gentrification of the Mission district accelerates. Those of you cheering this are likely able to afford to buy one of these luxury lofts. Those of us who can’t are not thrilled. And many of us are hoping for an earthquake, too, but never hoping for Casa Sanchez to burn down. That’s a completely irresponsible statement about any business, but especially about one that has always donated space and resources for local non-profits and other humanitarian causes— unlike most of the newer businesses making a killing off the new residents.

Many of you are hoping for an earthquake? Be careful what you wish for, because it will happen one day. Many of these poorly maintained, rent controlled buildings will collapse and burn, resulting in tragic injuries and loss of life. You’d better talk this over with your therapist.

Here’s a topic for you and your therapist: taking interweb comment sections seriously.

You should also consult a dictionary and read what the term “many” means.

The owner posted on Socket and says not to worry. We’ll see. 

    I don’t see it happening as designed for two reasons: This is probably the step of ‘going too far’. And would prove to be a perfect focal point. AND the stock market is going to crash, by some spark soon. (Grip of austerity in EU leading to breakup? China’s furtive attempts to get a hold on the trillions in their shadow banking economy? Or just the USA’s hugely over reaching frothy bubble, which will take the other two down also..?)  At least half of all these million dollar condos, $4 million homes paid for in cash etc. is coming from speculative finance; either hedge funds, PE, soverign wealth funds…and even public employee pension funds (!) well as some bought by millionaire chinese fleeing the coming crackdown there. Over one trillion dollars has left China in the past five years. 65% of all millionaires have left or are planning on leaving. 

  Whatever direction, there will be a run overnight in the repo market(as last time, it was NOT because of few hundred billions in subprime) that will make a spiral, to a real despression this time. Thanks Greenspan, Bush, Bernanke, Paulson, Obama, Clinton(s), Summers all. 

   I really wish the wealthier commentators would stop their drooling, who keep posting their infantile responses of ‘supply and demand’…or ‘just build!”  Your ignorance of basic neo liberal economics and how the Finance sector is now leading us to a real goddamn depression, adds nothing to the great stress and divides in the neighborhood, but more vicious anger here in the ‘working class’ part of it. Your ability to be part of the rentier blood sucking squid on the face of humanity class gives you no long term urban plannning ability, let alone any compassion for the destruction of our lives. BTW housing is not like widgets on a shelf at the Walmarts. The private sector has NEVER satisfied the demand for affordable new housing; only when forced to, or massively subsidized by govt….in areas of increasing wealth and employment of all classes. No, NEVER. Read some books. 

      So the end result will be: Half the ‘tech workers’ unemployed in a couple of years if not more. Tens of thousands of vacant and unbuilt high end office spaces and living spaces. And PE, or finance capital NEVER suddenly decides to be long term landlords to the middle class. They leave it vacant. And write it off, or go bankrupt, and reappear under a new name. (Blackstone and several other PE firms buying up millions of homes to bundle ‘rents’ into securities, are already exiting, and stopping upkeep)

AND tens of thousands of working class people were kicked out during this bubble. My neighbors, my coworkers, my best friends…Having to pull their kids from schools, leave communities they built, often having to change jobs because of commutes from new residence…..the basic tenuous fiber of real vibrant urban areas broke astunder for a few years of enrichment of the 10%; more than they already are coddled and subsidized by the Fed. In a recent poll 75% of americans are only three months away from destitution. So we live in ‘two bubbles’ here. One provincial/social “the outside world doesn’t affect this tech boom” and one horribly destructive of every living pseudo communal urban space for us from here to London to Athens to Barcelona. 

   There’s gonna be hell to pay. And due to the militarization of all our police forces, and a substantial minority of those who should know better still believing in ‘leaders’ and ‘hope from above’ and other unicorns….that is: the indoctrination that a political party ‘saves the people’…..this is NOT a hell this anarchist socialist is wishing for.  It’s gonna be worse than the Russian sell-off plunge in the 90’s. Don’t buy guns, ‘buy’ comrades and hold on. History doesn’t repeat itself, the present with ‘new leaders’ just reinvents with quanitative hubris.  

  but hey I should be happy. A DPW water truck just sprayed right up to the residential steps down Folsom here. Never happened before. Funny how the Mission gets cleaned so much more now. How our lives and taxes weren’t worth it to them in the 80’s and 90’s. In the words of Lewis Black “FUCKYFUCKY FUCK NUTS!”

Sorry to see La Parilla and it’s always-odd yellow-tile building go. 

The food at La Parilla is naaasty.

Yet more ugly, soulless buildings for rich people.