Bricks and Invective Hurled at Vanguard Properties, Windows Broken

This morning, contractors were busy repairing two windows broken some time after close of business last week at the Mission Street headquarters of realtor and property manager Vanguard Properties.  A person in Vanguard’s office told us two halves of a brick were found inside, but no other information was left to suggest who threw the brick or why.

A message signed “Venceremos” was posted to Indybay the following morning taking credit, citing the new condos 3133 24th Street put up for sale last year and the trade of foreclosed homes in Oakland (like a home at 2678 75th Street that’s listed on the realtor’s website) as reasons for targeting Vanguard:

Last night, on February 28th, the windows of Vanguard Properties in the Mission District were smashed out. Vanguard thought it was pretty funny to build some luxury condos on 24th, but we thought it was more funny for their property to get smashed. Vanguard thought it was pretty funny to buy foreclosed houses in Oakland and flip them at a profit. We think its more funny to bring the fight to the developers themselves. Greetings to everyone fighting the good fight. 

LA LUCHA SIGUE / Brigada Anti-Gentrification

As you can see from photos of the scene, security cameras may have captured footage of the incident. We’ve left voicemail for Vanguard founder James Nunemacher and a comment for the Indybay thread seeking further information, but have yet to hear back.

Update: Reached by phone, a terse Nunemacher directed further inquiries about details of the incident to the SFPD, saying that “we gave them everything they need to investigate.” He continued, “It’s a shame that people resort to vandalism…I mean, it’s kinda random. You throw bricks through someone’s windows because they build condos? Honestly, I feel sorry for these people.”

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No particular love for Vanguard here, but any imbecile can see that if an occasional thousand bucks worth of window damage from the anarchokiddies is the cost of doing business in SF, they’ll deal with it.

Meanwhile, community activists willing to go through the political process extract more substantial concessions from developers in the Mission all the time.

^ that vid was freaking awesome!  once they find the anarc that did this, their punishment should be forced watching of this video 8 hours a day, over and over and over and over. 

Clockwork Orange style.

Whats the problem with flipping foreclosed homes? Should they just remain empty. I guess the bank just give them away to the homeless?

More losers being fucking losers.

You threw a brick? Here’s a sticker. Now go fuck yourself.

More of this, please.

 Capitalism Now!!!  The Zinfandel Socialists are soft and ripe for the plucking.   Our first step is a return to capitalism by forming a temporary alliance with the useful idiots that comprise the libertarian movement.   We will then send all the SF Anarchists to reeducation camps in Texas and North Dakota where we will force them to work of fracking rigs earning $120,000/year.   We will then push aside the libertarian stooges and impose Christian Morality on the nation.   Pornography and Masturbation will be outlawed driving the anarchists who did this to Canada never to return.