West of Pecos Guy Takes Over Cafe Du Nord [UPDATED]

We've been hearing rumors that famed Market Street rock venue Cafe Du Nord is slated to close in a couple of months, and now it's been confirmed.  Tablehopper reports on Du Nord's pump-and-dump to budding restaurateur Dylan MacNiven:

Based on some ABC license transfer activity, it looks like there will be some ownership changes at [Cafe Du Nord]. One person named on the license is Dylan MacNiven (of Woodhouse Fish Co. and West of Pecos). I reached out to him and he said he’s not at liberty to share details just yet, but did say this: “I can tell you that the story is not ‘Woodhouse Fish guy takes over Du Nord’; there are other people involved.” So it looks like we need to stand by on what the upcoming changes are, but something is brewing.

Tablehopper didn't discuss the future of the music program itself, but Uptown Almanac's former music editor Sierra Frost tells us that multiple bands have told her they're shutting down the stage.  A few tweets also repeated that rumor and Cafe Du Nord's calendar is light in January before going dark in early February.

Update 6:00pm: SF Weekly interviewed MacNiven over email, being told:

We are currently soliciting feedback from the community and have noted the overwhelming support for the Cafe Du Nord name and musical program. We also heard the desire for more controls of noise and crowds and can only surmise it will grow with the three adjacent residential developments. I can give you a small hint that I am a huge live music fan and that's why you see my name on the license.

He then further clarified, telling the Weekly, “I am intending for live music to stay.”

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What?! Why in the hell would anyone go there if not for live music?!

This is absurd.

$12 cocktails in an old-timey Victorian speakeasy, that’s why.

Nobody does that.

Maybe for ugly smoking jacket competitions.

This comment made me crack up.

why are people buying music venues with the intent of making them Not Music Venues?

And how many of these artisan mixologist curated cocktail bars where they take 15 minutes to make a 15-35 dollar drink can we sustain in this little oversized college town? Seriously.

They arent in this case thankfully.

I’m really glad for you Dylan. And I’ve got some bands to recommend when you’re ready.

Super lame. Truth is I don’t care what they call it or what they serve, I just want a damn music venue there.

I was at a show there last week and one of the longest tenured employees told me that plans are in the works for a full blown music venue upstairs in the Swedish American Hall. Which is a super amazing place. It would be absolutely amazing if it became an awesome place for concerts upstairs and a delicious restaurant downstairs. Everybody chill out we don’t all the details. Fingers crossed

this is what I heard as well from Radio. If you’ve been to lucky 13 or hung around that area, you know Radio.

I’m glad to see someone being optimistic, as you shoulld be. These guys are great, I’ve known them for a long time just as I was friends with the original founders of Cafe Dunord. I can’t think of anyone in the city better suited (no pun intended with that smoking jacket) to get some flavor back in to our vanishing city. This is a great thing and the MacNivens are perfect for the challenge.

The building that houses Du Nord is closing for a renovation on a schedule to be determined. It’ll will re-open, and it’s not going anywhere.

I’m just spitballing here, but maybe it’s OK to NOT get upset until we actually find out what’s going to happen. How about that for a change, Internets?

Welcome to Uptown Drama-queens…

Just as long as knockout doesn’t dissappear I can remain a fan of the venues in this city. Well bottom of the hill and such are fun also

Nice. Glad to hear the live music venue is going to stay. I hope they don’t change the Swedish American Hall too much, though. It is one of the nicest venues to see music in the City right now, as-is.

The du Nord men’s room is possibly the single most ADA non-compliant facility I’ve ever taken a leak in. Watch your head! But isn’t an ADA-compliant speakeasy a contradiction in terms?

I hope this can remain a venue for new music. Other wise what is then point.

Sooo concerned. West of Pecos has that yuppie theme park look and feel, where Cafe du Nord has always had a diverse crowd of devoted music fans that changed night after night–the real deal. And “control” of crowds and noise? Raucousness is awesomeness, that’s part of a “vibrant” City. Will the new owner quell that to cater to the yups who want to taste culture, but really don’t want to be immersed in it?

“Hi, police? I just moved next to a music hall that’s been in operation since 1907 and I’d like to file a noise complaint.”

I saw the Mentors there in the 80s before Speed use was a bad thing.

This is the same guy that won AMAZING RACE a few years back…His parents run an old restaurant in Woodside, Bucks. Pretty sweet family…Highly doubt they would try and ruin this spot. Game on!