A T-Shirt Guide to the Mission Burrito

Available now at TRUE on Haight (which isn't in the Mission, but whatever).

[via @terrapin_sf]

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Looks good to me, as it doesn’t include my fave. Stay away.

La Espiga De Oro?

Nope but close. Espiga’s def up there, though. Am I the only one that thinks Farolito’s totally overrated? I’ll take Altena at that time of night, or Vallarta over their fare.

Ha, so you just aren’t going to say your favorite.

As for farolito, I think you are definitely wrong. Farolito is delicious, and definitely beats Altena, Vallarta is maybe better than Altena but loses to Farolito for sure in my mind.

I concur. There’s nothing WRONG with Farolito, but it’s nothing special, either.

El faro? Freal?

What about Tacolicious?


This t-shirt makes me feel fat

Home many burrito’s worth of dough does this t-shirt cost?

I would say 4. The better T shirts at True are usually 30

Well, one color, one screen on a black t-shirt? Probable cost to produce is ~$6 each, or even less in any sizeable quantity.