Nato Green on The Marsh: "We're Making Art For Losers By Losers"

Local comedian and political rabblerouser Nato Green stood up before the Board of Supervisors earlier this month and argued against the construction of condos at 1050 Valencia, joining the chorus of critics who claimed the new development would get the non-profit Marsh Theater shut down—a situation we've certainly seen before.  Agree with him or not, his testimony is one of the best speeches before the Board we've seen in quiet some time.

(And the critics successful halted the condo development appealed the development, riding the short wave of anti-gentrification sentiment that's crashing into City Hall.)

[via Courting Comedy]

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Oh good, I’m glad to know that the Mission’s primary source of one-man plays by 50-year-old men who have discovered late in life that they are actually the reincarnation of the warrior goddess Diana will continue uninterrupted.

The Marsh’s argument against the development is categorical. *Nothing* would be acceptable to them, because *any* construction would make noise. Should the “nothing should be allowed that would inconvenience us” argument win the day? That’s a real expansion of their property rights. Do they get to extend dominion over their own property over *all* nearby properties? How far should their wishes reach? Everything adjacent? Or do they get to control lots blocks away as well?

If I were a neighbor in bed with them opposing this development (because, you know, I want my light and property value maintained (anti-gentrification, ha!)), I’d be very wary. You’ll get what you want this time, but if you plan on building a deck out back, the Marsh’s argument against this applies to you, too.

“(And the critics successful halted the condo development, riding the short wave of anti-gentrification sentiment that’s crashing into City Hall.)”

Did they? I thought this was still approved by the BoS and all the other commissions.

What is the Marsh’s argument against the building? The Marsh is great, but the speech does not make clear why it would be harmed.

Because the new residents would rather go to a baseball game?

opera -not interested

being able to afford opera - interested

being seen at opera - not interested, because then i have to sit through opera

baseball - very interested

winning - winning is nice. front-runner fans that winning brings to the ballpark, not so great

the marsh - more interesting than opera, less interesting than baseball

1050 valencia - not interested

Pretty sure it’s possible to like going to the opera, seeing a baseball game, and standup comedy.

I used to think The Marsh was cool… This is fucking lame.

Y’all ever seen the plans for that building? Capital-U UGLY. The architect should be arrested. That repainted KFC there right now is the fucking Hagia Sofia compared to what will come.

Yay! The argument that can’t be argued with, because it’s completely subjective! Start moving those goalposts so it can *never* be developed!

Hey bro, I ain’t saying there can’t be development, but why can’t all these luxury condos actually look luxurious instead of like defense contractor office parks in Northern Virginia?

Ugly buildings look ugly , and we most of us can tell the difference between ugly building and beautiful buildings.

Lets do development, but do it right with strongly favoring good looking buildings, and making damn sure that the developer pay the fair financial impact.