Taking a Brief Hiatus (But We'll Be Back October 21st!)

For those of you keeping score, I've been running this blog for nearly four years now without taking much of a break.  I love doing it (and I hope that's obvious), but I need to take two weeks to work on some long-neglected personal projects.

See you on the 21st.

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Sounds like a good plan. Thanks for running this blog.

Thank you .

You are now officially as cool as Mission Chinese Food and Wise Sons Deli.

Yeah bro, because normal people *never* have things they want to accomplish in their free time.

Who said Danny Bowien and Leo Beckerman aren’t normal people. Don’t hate on local entrepreneurs, bro.

Is this going to be like your previous vacations where you post 3 articles a day?

You deserve a break but you will be sorely missed.

That’s not fair. jkjk. well kinda.

Yup, we miss you!

Does this mean you won’t be at City Hall tonight for the latest Jack Spade melee?

Don’t come back. Or better yet, try some hi-risk rock climbing (everyone is doing it bro), or base jumping.

I’ll take it under advisement.

Good luck Bro, I’m sure that app will be awesome.

Hiatus? As in, a break from warmed-over publicity for lame coffee, cocktails, and other bullshit?

Enjoy the DMT.

No personal integrity.

Yup, you’re still a douche.

Go back from whence ye came, MASSHOLE.

Grand Slam City

How many times have DUH SAWX won the World Series in the past 3years?
How many times, Kevin?

How many times have the Giants won the World Series in the past 3 years?
That’s right..TWICE!
Not zero, not just once, but TWICE!

Oh also, really original w/all those Boston players jumping on the Brian Wilson Beard bandwagon after it’s already jumped the shark.
Just like you’re a wannabe SF hipster.
You’re not cool, Kevvie.
You’re a kook.

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