New Coffee Shop Opens in the Mission, Optimistically Calls Itself "Coffee Line"

Linea Caffe, which translated from Italian means “coffee line,” is already open for business at 18th and San Carlos and teasing their queuing customers.  But the name isn't totally without merit—Linea is run by veteran line-makers and foodie founders Andrew Barnett of Ecco Cafe and Anthony Myint of Mission Chinese Food.

Yes, these guys known a thing or two about getting people to stand around for rare commodities like “coffee” and “breakfast.”

The coffee is sourced from Brazil and Ethiopia through a litany of prize-winning coffee producers (and Barnett himself is a judge of World Barista Championship), further adding to the appeal of standing in Coffee Line's coffee line.  But, as Spurdge notes, there'll also be food (food!):

While this is most definitely Linea Caffe, it also plays host to both Lt. Waffle and in true Mission Street Food restaurant-in-a-restaurant style. Salads and waffles are available, to-go or to stand – an outdoor seating area and standing bar are still in the works (that’s what the Kickstarter paid for.)  Also like other Mission Street Food related endeavors, this one has a charitable streak:, the salad side of the menu, will donate $1 from each salad to, a non-profit that seeks to build a grassroots movement to solve climate change.

It's unclear if the name is self-aware nod to the owners' skill at squeezing patience from their customers, or an oblivious homage to the La Marzocco Linea espresso machine sitting on their counter.  Either way, if the alluring stink billowing out their door is any indicator, they'll have no problem living up to their name.

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I need to brush up on graph theory before I’ll understand their website.

I like that they each have a legible, one-page website. I also like that it’s about 100 yards from my house.

One piece of advice for Green Salads - think a little more about the naming. If I just look at the names of your salads, I think “boring.” This is reinforced by the name of your shop, also boring. But then I look at the ingredients, and think “interesting.” Some people are too lazy to look at ingredients, esp. if they have a built-in salad-is-boring disposition. Call ‘em something to catch attention!

Something like “Kale + Vinegar” ?

Kale & Wolves

Interesting - I always thought that space was an usused part of Duc Loi. That has been vacant for a while. Good to have it occupied.

It is/was part of Duc Loi. I once inquired with Amanda (pre-pre-preliminarily) about renting it. It was very much a shell, the folks in there now had to do a lot of work (plumbing, electric), including a lot of concrete-sawing, to make it usable for their purposes.

Just a coincidence that they are using La Marzocco Linea machines.

there needs to be an app that just shows you where lines are in SF and you get points for being in them, not for getting to the front and buying whatever, just being in a line.

We’ll call it LineScore and you can be the CTO or whatever.

I like waffles. This post seems unnecessarily snarky until those lines actually form. Time will tell.

Check out the new stroopwaffel place in 331 Cortland! Awesome waffles, and no line.

The best coffe is still at the corner of 18th and mission @ the donut shop. it does the trick and no line

Another ad for another lame business the neighborhood doesn’t need.

SHIT. I missed the Mission Business Assessment Commission meeting last week? I wanted my voice to be heard about whether we need this place or not! Me? I’m thinking we need to-go salads, but not waffles (I don’t like waffles), so I would have split my vote on this one. I guess that means it’s ok I missed the meeting. Phew!

I was excited about Linea b/c it’s literally across the street from me. I thought Craftsman and wolves, the next closest was overpriced as hell until I walked in the other day and realized Linea is charging $5 for a 12 oz latte (compare to 3.50 at starbucks). Shit…. is $5 the new norm?

Thanks, but no thanks, I’ll stick to muddy waters.

Also their kickstarter campaign promised potted plants on the sidewalk. Where are the fing plants???