Outraged Masses Synergize with Telephone Poles to Shame Peter Shih

According to a tipster, “these are up all over SOMA right now.”  We're sure NYC is breathlessly awaiting his return.

(For an alternative and delightfully positive reaction to Peter's blogtrum, do read Anisse Gross's “10 ways to open your heart to San Francisco” and BeckyBayside's comment.)

[Third Photo by Ed Park]

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Wow - that butthurt over a blog post?

SF can take care of herself guys - she doesn’t need this.

SF’s inferiority complex on display.


So, why tell him to go home to NYC when it is really Palo Alto??? y’all need to learn how to internetz

On the other hand, I’m all for promoting the use of cash.

can someone explain the meaning of ‘nerd toucher’

It’s a pejorative. It’s meaning should be self-evident.

Use it constantly

How do you know that she’s a witch?

Well, she has a wart.


Fuck KevMo.


what does kevmo need ok cupid for if we could all just help him out and put up a buncha flyers in the mission with his teddy bear gravatar and words “fuck kevmo?”

I’m all for raking Peter over the coals for his very dismissive and arrogant post, but this seems like a bit much.

It’s almost as though this were about more than a post.

This is just SF saying, TOUCHE. Chill people - two can play at that game

Dude (or dudette) that put those up needs to learn a thing or two about flyering. That tape job won’t withstand a gentle breeze…

This is one of the things I love about San Francisco. Righteous reactions to stupidity can become an artistic political movement literally (note the correct usage of the word) overnight!

wow some people are really looking for things to get angry about in some weird twisted search for meaning for their lives.

*pops more popcorn*

Please, go on…

I very much enjoyed the response from Anisse

Wow this really is a small fucking town.


SF really *is* a pathetic insecure city. Could you imagine anyone in a real city like NYC or London giving this guy and his opinion the time of day? They would simply roll their eyes and not give it a second thought. No way would it make the news.

But many SFers are are peeing in their pants and crying that someone criticized it!

It will never be a world city.

You’re totally right. NYers never overreact to anything.

I think what you (and others like you) are missing here is that we are REALLY ENJOYING this. People aren’t super upset; quite the opposite. Here we have been presented with a great opportunity to stand up for the city we love against a d-bag NYer who represents everything that bothers us about many east coast transplants. And, as a bonus, he’s such an easy target. This whole thing just makes me so so happy.

Don’t really care if you don’t think SF is a “world city” either. It’s our city and we love her.

Shut up. You don’t know what you’re talking about. As someone born in London and having spent a lot of time there, the rants about people south of the river, Dalston/Shoreditch twats, poncy West London-types, and basically anyone NOT from London can be deafening.

Hah! That’s hilarious! I approve.

literally brah

To those saying SF is insecure… nobody gives two shits about this guy here. This is purely a viral campaign to attack his business by other tech opportunists.