Google Glass and Breastfeeding, Together At Last

Look, we get it: trashing Google Glass is played out.  Ever since a glass-eyed Joe Shuttlebus strolled into Shotwell's, San Francisco came together and decided that emaciated nerds who motion like Cyclops to read text messages are the epitome of Valley hubris.  We had our laughs, scoffed at the price point, quickly conceded we'd like to try them on someday, and started to move on.

Then someone had to do this:

Yeeeee-ikes.  Someone would eat at West of Pecos and still feel responsible breastfeeding their baby while that sludge is passing through their body?

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Sarah Lacy?

Sarah Lacy is a brilliant entrepreneur! You guys don’t realize how lucky we are to have her in our city gentrifying our neighborhoods and telling us to grow up! You only wish you could create a Tech mouthpiece / trade rag/ PR machine like PanderDaily.

Glass-eyed Joe Shuttlebus!

There are two more Google-glass-bashing posts in Missed Connections; One probably written by the same person considering their fondness for using the phrase “dumb and bad.”

Is this a cry for HELP, do we need to chip in and get him a set of Glass?
Some strong hate undertones for children here “your little piss bundle”…I am guessing he forgot his own origin.

There’s nothing played out about trashing Google Glass, just like there’s nothing played out about getting upset with people who double-park.

hey everybody - google glass is dumb and awful and the only people who use it are completely awful morons who want to live inside blade runner

ok later

The land of thieves and ghosts is a cool place for cool people.


Fuggin’ glassholes!

WHAT A LOOSER. There’s nothing wrong with breastfeeding in public. Maybe this “author” needs to think about how he came into the world by himself? WITH MILK FROM HIS MOM!!

This GUY needs to get a LIFE!!!!

i totally agree mom420 thanks for sticking up for moms everywhere and also for smoking mad heady nugz

Did you even read what the guy wrote? He said ‘that’s fine–breastfeeding in public isn’t a problem– … ’ I think the post made it pretty clear that he was railing against Google Glass, not breastfeeding. Right …

He was trying to claim to be enlightened to offset the coming bigotry of the rest of the post. Didn’t work.

bigotry lol

Bigotry? Against? or rather towards?

Put down the bong mom, he was complaining about google glass people breeding, not people who breast feed.

d00d. This person SPECIFICALLY SAID that breast-feeding is A-OK. What the person was pointing out is that google glasses are NOT ok.

When I was a kid growing up in the south bay, “the Valley” was the Central Valley, or possibly the San Fernando valley (like in the Zappa song). Mr Montgomery has outed himself as a member of the same myopic group he pretends to hate.

Yeah, fuck those people who didn’t crawl under a rock in ~1980!

Why, what happened in 1980? I wouldn’t know, I wasn’t born yet.

That was around the time people started using the term “Silicon Valley.”

I want to thank my local bar for kicking out the Google Glass wearer who thought we’d put up with that nonsense.

Hear, fucking hear.

Let’s hate people for their personal purchasing choices. Now, excuse me while I go shopping for cut off jeanshorts, mustache mousse, and ironic tee-shirts. I’ll preach something about tolerance as I drink my PBR on the way over there. I’m a white guy who was born in the mid-west in an upper-middle class community, so I know a thing or two about understanding people and hating pretension.

First, is it wrong to point out my presumption that google glass baby will read before mom420 baby? Sorry, mom420, but your name is mom420. I do hope young Diggity Dank’s education proceeds apace

Second, I havent seen a glasshole yet, but Im agreeing here. I would say that every dick walking around staring at any screen is equally guilty of being socially aloof as a google glasses person. Why are we going after these specific dicks?

Thanks dicks

Yes, lets!

…wait, were you being sarcastic? Because I’m not.

Of course I was being serious. I’ve been picking on people for their choices since grade school. Why stop now? It’s not like I’ve matured any. People deserve to be ostracized when they do things that only impact them that I don’t consider acceptably hip.

Works for me.

Yeah, me too, I guess.