New Video From Mission Band Kitten Grenade

From emerging Mission band Kitten Grenade comes this precious video about flowers and being precious. You don't have to be in love with her, but I am.

Kitten Grenade will play this evening at The Knockout. I will be the Jewish one in the front.

Comments (11)

Great video, can’y wait for the show

Killer voice!

Such a cool look

I see that girl in Philz on 24th all the time.

I heart her and Philz. Yam!

Lovely! Tonight’s show will be amazing! The Knockout! Be there or be … elsewhere.

That’s a nice song.

Eh, really generic sound

totes gens brah

‘cause the best kind of girl is a quirky girl!

why is your religious affiliation relevant, Mr. Bartos? If it was a joke, I don’t get it.