Sights Now Set On Annexing Anza Vista as 'North of NOPA'

Gentrification Wars Update! The Battle for Western Addition continues!

Following news concerning the inevitable fall of Da Pitt, the NOPA flag of gentrification was hoisted victoriously over Divisadero and the forces of wealth have lost no time continuing their march into the surrounding microhoods of Western Addition. Through the subterfuge of their [Real Estate] agents, they've already begun to sow the seeds of a well funded insurgency in the nearby neighborhood of Anza Vista (the area around the Kaiser Hospital, sandwiched up against Divisadero, between Geary and Turk,) by renaming it something a little more trendy and wealth friendly - “North of NOPA”.

This signifies a major coup among the gentrifiers and real estate agents themselves, who only last year were peddling the Anza Vista name as a 'nice alternative' to the grit of the Western Addition mantle. But hey, 'NOPA's hot, so why not just rename Anza Vista “North of NOPA”, ie: North of North of the Panhandle. 

Can't wait until they rename the Panhandle 'South of the North of the Panhandle'. Fucking idiots. 

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YES! Another story about gentrification.

Would you rather read about some new $14.00 grilled cheese sandwich place? MissionMission is waiting for you with open arms.

motherfuck that building is hideous

Today’s word is: GENTRIFICATION!


I’m going to start a blog that highlights dope vacant buildings, the value delinquent tenants and how shit should never change – ever.

Right, the only two options are vacant buildings or “luxury” condos and mall stores. It’s totally a black or white issue, thanks for your continued valuable insight.

So you categorize ANY new development as “luxury”? lol

Any new development in this city, yes. Due to land cost, it’s not entirely clear it would be economically feasible to build housing for normal people in SF at this point.

In that case, let’s stop whining about every new development. Thanks.

Not going to help at all, but you’re welcome to try.

Whining without any constructive ideas is just as fruitful.

I think your blog would be useful. Currently our policies subsidize vacant buildings. If these building could be pointed out, the subsidized removed, more of them would move back into productive use, and relieve rental pressure. I think it would be a contribution, do you have the URL and domain yet?


An Ass To Mouth Machine? Where?

Anza Vista already sounds like a rich people neighborhood in an 80s teen movie anyway.

Yet not so much when the “vista” is Kaiser…


When will South of SOMA be a thing?

I like that one cause some is kinda SO-SO(MA) anyway

North by Northwestern Addition!!


The Depths of Pacific Heights!





I’m calling it NoMoDa from now on.

Stolen, but how about calling the Richmond district the Upper West Side.

Or not.

Wouldn’t “Upper NOPA” be a little more in character with the city and less weird at least?

I don’t get the comment about “ATM machines” thriving there.

ahem, embarrassed to inform you that gentrification has absolutely nothing to do with the sort of businesses that come into an area. it has to do with the demographics of the RESIDENTS.

so when you get a bunch of just out of college twenty-somethings or poseur thirty-somethings coming to an area that’s cheaper to live in than other areas - ala western addition - THAT starts defining the gentrification: incomes rise, family size declines.

THEN the business entrepreneurs come in to provide an avenue for the consumerism of these new residents.

blaming bi-rite, nopa, nopalito, etc as the source of gentrification is silly.

the irony is that you are basically blaming business for the problem you’ve created yourself by moving into the neighborhood… (assuming you’re in the aforementioned age group with aspirations for getting your slice of the so-called american dream…)