The Rent Raiser Tank Top: The Breezy Cure of White Guilt (Allegedly)

Is this a joke? An ingenious way to earn rent? The future of #swag? Either way, this acceptably-priced $80 tank top has quite the marketing pitch:

The rent is too high. You're too educated to ignore that you're part of the problem, but you're not about to move to Mountain View. Find solace in this high fashion accessory. Admit your Privilege, find release.

Given the photo looks like it was taken on some beat kitchen table, this is probably for real.  So why don't you email your credit card information to some unverified gmail address?  Coachella is only 11 months away…

Update: The folks behind Rent Raiser tell us the tanks are not American Apparel, but in fact “100% Vietnamese Sweatshop brand.”  Be advised.

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makes me feel all punchy

I only had two landlords in SF, one way a gay male the other a Mexican woman.

I’m more of a skirt-raiser…


*looks like dress not tank top