The Bicycle Film Festival Returns This Saturday

The Bike Film Festival has been bringing San Francisco some of the world's best cycling shorts right to the Victoria Theater for the past few years.  Typically, the BFF has been a two day affair, with sideshows ranging from parties to street fairs all weekend long.  However, this year, they're scaling things back a bit, packing all their screenings into one day.

But in spite of their tighter schedule, they're not skimping on quality.  To get a taste of the kind of shorts you'll see, give this mini-doc on 1 legged, 1 armed track racer a watch:

Or this clip shot by the San Francisco-based kids at Full Frame Collective and Werehaus:

If that's to your liking, you can get tickets to any individual program for $10, or splurg on a full day pass for $20.

[via MASH]

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On the same weekend as the Sea Otter Classic?

Skate the fullpipe.