Pop's Death Count Update 3/27/2013

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I witnessed a viscous dog fight at Pops once. I big bruiser dog attacked a little toy dog. There was blood everywhere. I’ll never go back there again, too many spuds.

What exactly made the dog fight viscous?

I assume you mean the Boxer vs. Australian cattle dog? Yes, it was bad – but these things happen whether it be in a bar, in the park or wherever.

But we’re a dog-positive bar and most people consider that a plus.

I was being a grammar snob because the guy above me wrote viscous instead of vicious.

Ha ha I fucked up. Of course I was writing of the ferocity of the fight not its liquidity. Silly me.

I love liberty, I hope you do to. You are free to run your bar anyway you want, I’m free to avoid it. I like that. Maybe one day we share a drink somewhere else.

And I wasn’t saying anything to the contrary – just stating that your anecdotal experience is the exception and not the norm.

what’s a spud?

A potato

The night is young.

Circle of life.

Challenge accepted.