Playful Party Piano Passes Out in Dolores Park, Shitty Friends Leave It to Fend For Itself

Piano and friends, in better times.

Dolores Park goers, have you no shame?  I understand it was Sunday morning and your weirdly old roommate that rudely hogs the common space wanted to tag along with you to the park.  And it was mighty nice of to lug his fat 400 pound wooden ass down the stoop and past the giggling bubble butts standing in line for Bi-Rite.  But just because he got all drunk and heavy was not an excuse to just abandon him in the company of DRUM CIRCLES.

Just look: here is your old pal, an entire day and a half later, getting finger-blasted by twittering strangers:

Bystanders turned a deaf ear to its plinks for help.

This is a low note for us all.

Anyway, I'm eagerly awaiting the Mission Local headline on this.  I'm imagining something along the lines of “Piano Assaulted in Dolores Park After Dark: Assailants Press Keys, Yet Victim Has Yet to Press Charges.”

[Photos by WBTC and Mike Abbott]