Contest: Nick Offerman Live at the Roxie (And He Has a New Movie Too)

Nick Offerman is perhaps better known as Ron Swanson, or maybe “that guy who plays Ron Swanson on Parks & Rec.”  It's undeniable that he's become this generation's Michael Richards.  But despite the wake of 9 seasons of Cosmo Kramer leaving Richard with a grip of mediocre failures that ultimately cumulated with a racist breakdown, we're optimistic that Offerman won't see the same fate.

Take the above trailer for Somebody Up There Likes Me.  Sure, it's suffering from a serious case of indieitis, but it's funny.  At the very least, it shows promise. And that gives us hope that there's life after Ron Swanson for one of our favorite cult actors.

Fortunately for us, The Roxie will be showing the movie starting Friday, and Nick Offerman will be at the theater all day Saturday doing an audience Q+A. That's right, you can be in the same dark room as Nick Offerman for multiple hours Saturday night.  Swoon.

As a bonus, the folks over at The Roxie want to give away a pair of tickets to see Nick and the movie.  To win them, give us your best definition of “indieitis” (or give us the best reason why that's the worst made up word in the history of made up words) in the comments by 5pm Friday.  Be sure to use your real email so we have a way to get a hold of you.


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A cancerous growth that manifests itself as a Vote For Pedro t-shirt.

Yoda thinks Weekend are “indie it is”, but they are really sellouts.

“…he’s become this generation’s Michael Richards”???

Indieitis is what Karen Allen suffered from midway through the bazaar sequence in “Raiders of the Lost Ark.”

A social disease common among record store clerks, comic collectors, and cinema geeks. Symptoms include wearing t-shirts with obscure or ironic references, snide looks and saying “What? You’ve never heard/watched/read _________ ?” a lot.