Bicycle Chop Shop Pops-Up Outside of SOMA StrEAT Food Park

6th and Market has been long known as the place to (hopefully) recover your stolen bike.  But from the looks of it, our city's transient population of afflicted gutter punks has wised up and moved their operation to the more tony neighborhood of Folsom and Division.  SF Citizen uncovered the operation:

They keep their inventory in the four giant tents you can see on this particular block of Division

And their vans, always with the vans.

In fact, these guys are just like the A-Team. You’ve got Mad Dog Murdock on the left there, building away, and there’s B. A. Baracus there on the right with his reverse Mohawk. And Hannibal and Faceman are out cruising in the van looking for more bikes.

Sadly, given SFPD's and the DA's notoriously unfortunate attitude towards arresting and prosecuting bike thieves, we can only imagine this scheme will be met with the very same brand of mob justice that eventually took down Bobby the Bike Thief.

[SF Citizen]

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i live right by there and i get so pissed off every time i pass these fucking assholes. the other night i saw a 20’ white truck on the side of golds gym/fitness sf and it looked like there were tons of bikes inside. i rode of on the sidewalk to get a peek and a dude jumped out, slammed the door and told me to “mind my own fucking business.”

call the sfpd immediately if you see that? record license plate etc?

Who says that Yankee entrepreneurship is a thing of the past?

Points for the names of the characters, but after that, the DA and SFPD bashing sucks. The DA and SFPD have experience in prioritizing crimes. I’d ask you, if you want bike thefts to be more important, which crimes should be less important in your priorities.

So you can steal bikes in SF and it’s totally cool because of “priorities”? Great! What other crimes aren’t going to be prosecuted? Please let me know soon so I can get started.

What other crimes aren’t prosecuted?

Speeding, mostly.
Parking, in about half the city. Oh, how I still hate you classic car guy in Bernal Heights. It’s been years and I still hate you.
Dogs off leash.
Sit-lie, selectively.
Fare turnstyle hopping.
Building codes, sorta, kinda, sometimes.

Texting while driving and handheld cellphones while driving.
Cyclists running stop signs.

Might as well add the bag laws to the list.

lol. “Don’t question authority, citizen.”

Scummers have been doing this in this area for at least a decade. It used to be even more blatant in that they wouldn’t even bother to cover their piles of bike parts.

Don’t forget the tents and bike part bonanzas that pop up along Townsend between 7th and 6th.

Let’s get a posse together and liberate those stolen bikes! Who’se with me?

I will sign your online petition.

i was thinking the same thing! mob rules!

I’ll also sign up under this, seems like its not working an other way!