John Avalos's Twitter Account Hacked By People Who Think John Avalos's Supporters Could Stand to Lose A Few Pounds

Earlier this morning, former mayoral candidate and current San Francisco Supervisor John Avalos's Twitter account was phished by an elite team of weight-conscious hackers.  In a probably not exclusive DM to Uptown Almanac, Avalos's hackers asked if we saw this pic of us, noting the picture was pretty “lol”.  They then went on to imply all Avalos's fans and followers were fat, suggesting we look into “the fastest ways to lose body fat in 2 weeks” (corrected for grammar).  Bummer, dude.

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One can always lose a few pounds, but a person being dumb could/can be a lifelong malady.

Oh yeah, you probably want a citation for that “lifelong malady” thingy. Well, exhibit A is me. I mean, have you read the mentally impaired stream of consciousness that spews forth from my sticky(i’m not telling you what from….hint hint) fingers?

I believe the email link wants people to sign into “Tvitter” - I s’pose that could fool some people using a cell phone with a small screen…

Not necessarily hacked, but more likely allowed a malicious app access to his twitter account, possibly by clicking a link such as the one in the tweet shown.

Avalos has the temper of Macaroni without the carbs.

But would he be if he wasn’t on the acai berry miracle diet? That’s the question.

Amazing that 3 days later his account still has these 2 spam tweets. Does his staff not pay attention to the Internet at all?

One of the risks of letting politicians do their own tweeting. As it says on his profile, “monitored 100% by JA himself.”

And, the tweets are now gone. The Internet is safe once again.

Well, you can always be thinner… look better.