Big Things Coming to The Cynic Cave

Food usually garners the most press in the Mission, so people tend to overlook the fact there's been a serious comedy renaissance going on around here.  Endgames Improv moved their weekly shows and classes to the neighborhood last fall, Comedy Bodega just hit the one year mark at Esta Noche, and the neighborhood now has it's own festival—never mind staples like The Business and Killing My Lobster, the monthly Funny Shits showcase at Rite Spot, Paco Romane's monthy at Make-Out Room, and whole host of other one-offs and special events.

So it makes sense that we're starting to see a mess of out-of-town talent swing through the neighborhood.  And next weekend's line-up of guests at The Cynic Cave—the 7-month-old weekly show hosted by Kevin O'Shea and George Chen in Lost Weekend's basement—is notably killer:

The Cynic Cave is proud to bring the Dan Mintz to the Cave. An up-and-coming one-liner comedian with a deadpan style, made famous as the breakout voice of Tina on the show Bob's Burgers. On Sunday, we're bringing the cult legend comedian Ron Lynch to the Cave in his first San Francisco performance in more than five years!

Unfortunately, I'll be out of town for a wedding-type thing and will have to miss it.  But if you're not out of town and don't have to miss it, might I recommend locking down your tickets now by either walking over to Lost Weekend Video or calling them at 415-643-3373?