Ashton Kutcher At The Roxie

He's no Charlie Sheen, but pretty damn cool nevertheless.

(And in completely unrelated Roxie news, they are selling some sick new tote bags for the tote bag carrying crowd.)

[Photo by Mike Keegan]

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Don’t tell anybody this, but I would totally lick his nipples if he asked me to.

how is this cool. that dude is a total DB.

Yeah, in a city filling up with them.

Yeah I don’t really remember a time when this guy was.


Ha! Buncha blog dudes pissed over the fact they know their girlfriends* would bang this dude and let him finish inside, with little-to-no reservations.

*like they have gf’s.

I think youre talking about your “girlfriends”, man. Unless you think that everyone has some latent desire to bang this guy, in which you are gay.