Who's been pocketing those Healthy SF monies?

Michael Mina enjoying his riches (ARTIST INTERPRETATION)

Michael Mina, Paxti's, and Squat & Gobble are among the most blatant non-payers of collected health care dollaz, according to this list of dozens of till-skimmers.


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I’m sure most people are aware, but just in case, The Crepe House on Valencia is owned by Squat & Gobble LLC, the worst offenders on this list (in percentage of fees spent on employees). Would be cool if someone researched the other listed LLCs on the list to see which restaurants they run.

So fucking scummy.

Good luck collecting from Ti Couz.

Also, has anyone pointed out yet that you can use this list to determine the total billings of some of these restaurants?

Example: KevMo’s Waffle House collected $10,000 for Healthy SF by levying a 4% surcharge on each bill. We can say that x * 0.04 = $10,000, where X is the total of all the bill subtotals for the period. Since $10,000/0.04 = x = $250k, we know that KevMo was lying when he said he couldn’t afford to buy us a whiskey that one time.

whats it like to have that much free time?

How many people think that you can bet 99.99% of these people are also very happy in that their dues to the Rest. Assoc. and Chamber of Commerce are used to keep minimum wage from raising, single payer never gets a chance though it would save most bizzness money and save our economy as a whole a ton of money as well as save tens of thousands of lives a year..(Today’s democrats wouldn’t pass it anyway)…..and most would probably help lobby against any form of commercial rent control…People don’t even have to be ‘richy rich’, to assume the ideology of the masters. Nor the anti-social behavior. Everyone of these people could’ve got their workers on Kaiser, with a bad high deductible even …with all this money…..and we’d all be better off. Class war all the time top down. White collar crime is so rampant and destructive in the country…you really have to call it an oligarchy….not a democracy. I would spend 20 years in prison if I robbed them of just one day’s receipts. What will they get? A fine. As Tom Ammaino said, “I wish we could put them in jail.”

I stopped reading at “stop minimum wage from rising.” MW is $10.55 in SF. You’re an idiot.

I’m not sure what your point is. Yes, minimum wage in SF is higher than it is most other places. But are you suggesting that $10.55/hr is enough to live on in San Francisco? Because that doesn’t seem like an argument that would hold much water.

Minimum wage needs to be a living wage. Anything less is pure folly.

I don’t want to get political about this, but it trash behavior for these restaurant’s to impose this charge, and pocket it.

Thanks for sharing the link to the list,

But wonder why the City didn’t attach the names to the LLC’s.

The fines should be severe, but they will not. Jail would really be great, even if just a few days.

Micheal Mina used to come into a bar that I worked at in the early 90’s with a waitress he was having an affair with when he and his wife operated Aqua, the eatery which launched his career in SF. He was a scumbag then and it would appear that he remains one to this day.

Oh, boo hoo.