The Road That Once Ran Through Dolores Park

Yep, back before the J-Church/overflow urinals were built, 19th Street went all the way up to Church Street.  (And now we finally know why those two seemingly redundant and pointless paths exist in the middle of our park.)

[via @SF_Historian]

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The original “pavement to parks” project.

Oh, that’s awesome, I had no idea!

yay us!

On paper, 19th Street is still a street - and not RPD property.

Exactly! I say we return our indigenous streets to their pristine pre-SFMTA condition.

Assuming that we also revert to horse and buggies I think that’s a fine idea.

And in the UA office, the lowly office manager must wipe the white board and write in “0” days since the last post about Dolores Park.

At least we haven’t mentioned Bender’s in multiple days.