Pop-up River Runs Through the Mission

If you haven't left the house yet, things are particularly soggy this A.M.  Reader Ert O'hara writes in from 14th and Valencia:

Things are a little hectic this morning. Poor Carlin's Cafe on the corner there got flooded. 

18th and Mission outside of Duc Loi Supermarket was also starting to fill up around 8:30am, although not nearly as badly as Valencia.

But 18th Street had it the worst, with Delfina's Craig Stoll tweeting, “Flood on 18th st this morning. Good thing our chef brian is from New Orleans. Didn't have to call national guard.”

Of course, a little bit of history explains what was going on.  As seen in 1860, this part of the Mission was a river then know as Mission Creek, which bubbles up and reveals itself every couple of years when the drainage fills up:

And Burrito Justice maps out the depth of the old waterfront:

Happy swimming.

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The creeks still run in places. In the basement of the armory/kink.com, the old creek still runs constantly, emerging in the shooting range and then back into a pipe to drain to the bay.

Love these little SF history lessons. Also glad to hear the flooding didn’t cause too much damage!

This creek and many others like it are the TRUE victims of gentrification. When will this grossly unreported genocide stop? Thanks once again to the staff at Uptown Almanac for bringing this atrocious act to light. God bless each and every one of you. Namaste:)