Sunflower to Open a Probably Legit Burmese Restaurant in Mariachi's Taqueria

The restaurant news along Valencia has been pretty shitty lately, so here's a slight pick-me-up: a tipster tells us that the folks from Sunflower Vietnamese a bought up the old Mariachi's Taqueria next-door and plan to turn it into their next cheap and assuredly delicious venture.

Not sure if this is out there yet or not, but Sunflower is apparently opening a Burmese joint in that shitty old Mariachi's Taqueria place in a month or two. Dunno much, but they're even bringing in a chef from Burma or Myanmar or whatever, so it'll prolly be legit.

Prolly legit! Sounds good to me!

[Photo by pensarepink]

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You had me at, pretty and shitty, how could it get any better than this?

I think the correct incantation is “Myanmar, also known as Burma”, as in “Mission of”; “Shave”.

Nice! Burmese food in the Mission! I endorse this plan.

Sunflower has horrible vietnamese food. I’m not expecting much from a bad vietnamese restaurant making burmese food.

I’ve been waiting for news about Burma Superstar’s supposed new Valencia location. The last thing I heard about that was in January…

This isn’t quite that. Nevertheless, I’m hoping for the best here, even though Sunflower isn’t all that great.

Sounds promising. If nothing else, it makes more sense than the sushi place that was planned previously – there’s already a jillion sushi joints in the area.

Mariachi’s wasn’t shitty. Before every taqueria offered sloppy tofu and fried mushrooms, Mariachi’s was the first to offer five different vegetarian tacos made with grilled or pickled veggies out of a desire to offer something unique & healthy as opposed to responding to gringos. Me gustaron como loco.